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Time To Support NOTA And Understand Value Of ‘Right To Reject’, Why?

Logic Politics Tadka Ritu 4 October 2018

As we all know that politicians over the past few years have lost creditability. The common voters send an elected guy who ends up bringing any benefit to the voter. Common people who are more affected by the consequence of elections have lost faith in politicians too. At a broader level, the increased despise of politicians is explicable. This is the reason the “None of the above” (NOTA) option was introduced in India in the year 2013 thinking NOTA may bring some respite. Now a days we can see a trend to support campaigns in support of NOTA. Why, time to support NOTA and what is the right to reject act? Let us discuss below;

How NOTA works?

NOTA is an option that voters can choose if they do not like any of the standing candidates. The Election commission asked Supreme Court consent in this regard.

Need to know about Dirty Politics in India and the origin of NOTA:

Dirty politics in India:

The quality and performance of the politician in India have gone down inadequately all these years. The politicians have come out of sync with realities in the modern days. Today, the politician in the modern age indicates one carrying modern gadgets. In the dirty Indian politics, the politicians have the dubious distinction of having performed vices of being greedy, less interested in genuine reform, and corrupt. As Election Commission’s data show there is a rise in politicians with criminal records and questionable use of money to by voters,

Politicians overlook values:

Politicians claim to be democratic. Being democratic, they have power and use it for evil means to make themselves richer by looting public money. Thus, there are hardly any politicians who are service-oriented leaders. Once elected, overlooking all the rules, promises that they made in the election manifesto and the oath that they swear before assuming office, they indulge in acquiring pelf.

NOTA is justified:

There is a strong basis to make the logic of NOTA valid. From time to time, the number of NOTA votes has been greater than the margin by the winning candidates got in 261 assembly constituencies that had elections since 2011. There was a similar trend experienced in 24 Lok Sabha constituencies. Thus,

The NOTA provision has made a significant impact in garnering votes. If NOTA were not there, maybe the votes would have been appropriated by any of the candidates.

Ubiquitously filthy politics:

Politicians have made politics grubby, and the dirty politics has percolated in every aspect of Indian society. Despite there is tremendous progress in technology and which has reduced the possibility of corruption to some extent, it is just able to do them at the tip of a massive iceberg level. Of course, politician parties signify different sections of the people in different sections of the country. There is a lack of accountability. The lack of accountability has led to politicians with a lot of power without any accountability. It must aggravate the situation when the politicians are already corrupt. Under the influence of the trend of power corrupts, the politician becomes corrupt and consequent polluted politics.

Vote bank politics:

When it comes to elections, politicians will start manipulating the vote bank. Politician parties across the hue will try to influence the voter using all the dirty politics gimmicks like caste and religious, region/state, and so on. Today, the country has over a billion people. Of this, about a fifth is below the poverty line, there is the death of children because of hunger, and 65 farmers commit suicide because they cannot run their firm and cannot pay off the debt. On the other hand, there are 25% of national are criminal charges like stealing of public funds, trafficking of women, illegal immigration, illegal country liquor. It all happens with the active cooperation of officials. All these, in turn, make dirty Indian politics.

Youth need to rise to the hour:

Today; the proliferation of news across all the sections of the population has made it easy to inform the people. However, it is also important to find an effective way to prevent people who are questionable and dubious criminal records from entering politics. However, the help of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution, such people cannot be barred from contesting the election. Therefore, the only way is to prevent them is to provide an option in the ballot paper – NOTA.

Politicians are not afraid of the law:

Despite seven decades of independence, and repeated promises by ruling parties to do well and punish corrupt politicians nothing has materialized. The politicians continue to thrive and plunder funds. All this is because of the absence of punitive measures that could deter them to commit such crimes in playing dirty politics.


The 1860 Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code were once formulated during the colonial rule. Under these rules, the government will decide if politicians corrupt.

How Will Nota Help?

  • NOTA will help – NOTA can enable to prevent corrupt politicians to prevent corrupt and unscrupulous politicians.
  • NOTA will bar – Today; politicians are corrupt. They go often go scot-free because of the slow judicial process and lax enforcement of laws. Today, contestants in the fray are corrupt. In such a scenario, NOTA can help by denying entry of unscrupulous politicians who commit dirty politics in the country.
  • The middle class can vote sensibly – The middle class constitutes substantial chunk among voters. Probably it is the middle class who will benefit to the greatest extent when NOTA option comes into force. Thus, the middle class can help a lot to clean up the dirty politics. People in the middle class should never overlook the power of their vote. They can use the NOTA option as a potent instrument to clean up dirty politics from the country’s polity.

Democratic traditions of India:

India has good democratic traditions. Of course, our system is not strong enough. Judgments in many cases are delivered too late. It is equivalent to doing nothing. and in cases, where justice is sought, it is denied because justice delayed tantamount to justice being denied. And, politicians can easily bypass the tentacles of laws because of money, muscle power. NOTA can under the circumstances help.

NOTA has to be made more effective. People should be educated, informed and appropriately empowered to make them competent to prevent dirty politics wrought by corrupt politics. There should be a separate law on NOTA to avoid its obstruction from any of the entities – executive, legislature and the judiciary. NOTA should be included in the part of the constitution where all the laws that cannot be changed are included.


It is time when the dirty politics should bring to an end, and for this, we all have to join together to eradicate the candidates that are the outcome of criminalization, nepotism, and corruption. It is the time to say no for the cashed votes as both – the right to vote and not to vote is with us. As we all can comprehend the fact that “No party genuinely works for the people.” We very often feel left out. After 100 years of Independence, we still have hunger deaths and low literacy rates. No leader will stand up on his words.

To show your dissatisfaction, you can choose NOTA and more people should be aware of this. If most of the people are in support of this, maybe one-day Indian jurisdiction will build up more supremacy for NOTA. Time to Support NOTA!!



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