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Dear Ram & Sita Jee, Please Come With Your Aadhaar Card And Prove Our Politician

India is a country where people love to love their religions and values a lot. They are always emotionally connected with their ‘Bhagwaan’, ‘Jesus’ and ‘Allah’. They never accept anything against their own religion. Yaah, but they have rights to disrespect other religions. And these things are done by some so called ‘sanskaari’ and ‘traditional’ Indians. Even they look for chance to prove that they are generation of ‘Lord Rama’ and ‘Lord Sita’. Even sometime more than ‘Rama’ and ‘Sita’. Sometime I feel Rama Aadhaar card will be the next agenda of the ruling as well as opposition in India may be in election 2019 too.

Ohk.. its fine…

They love their religion and ask people to accept them as generation of Hindu God while they don’t  even have 0.1% of Rama’s qualities.

No no no no ….. Here’s not the end. This people are actually we can say somewhat ok. But what about those who are alleging like; this person is ‘Rama’ or that person is ‘Rama’? While their favorite Rama is not Rama according to them I think. Sometime even you can feel that if Lord Rama will come and say I’m Rama’ blind followers won’t be ready to accept it.  Oh yeah.. I forgot..

Actually I should recommend ‘Lord Rama’ to come with his ‘Aadhaar Card’, may be blind followers and some of the intelligent, ‘sanskaari’ and traditional Hindus can accept that you are actually Rama.

Now a day people start completion to prove that their favorite leaders are actually nobody else but ‘Lord Rama’.. Ufffffs.. While some of the stupid so called Indians wasting their time and want India’s development in the field of employment, education, and environment.

Many of you are well aware with the politicians who are taking part in the competition to prove that their favorite leader is not Narendra Modi or Amit Shah but ‘Rama’.

Small highlight on the incidents;

Former BJP Delhi president Manoj Tiwari called Amit Shah Loard Ram. Wellllll, after a lot of criticism he said that he was responding to the comment made by Ram Govind Chaudhary, compared Amit Shah to Ravan.

Issue is not over here but extent delusional stage was happened on May 11, 2018. BJP leader Surendra Singh described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as reincarnation of Lord Ram, Amit Shah as Lakshman and Yogi Adityanath as Hanuman.

These kinds of controversial and brutal statements by ruling party’s leader were given during ‘Kairana Bypoll Election’. Important thing about blind followers of these politicians are continuously sharing their statements on Social Medias. A blind follower always creates a big hurdle in the extra emotions for the party.

Wait wait wait.. It was just a trial actual statement given by the UP Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma.

‘Sita was test-tube baby’

Redical views by these politicians must follow and they also not doing any mistakes because this is a demand of Uttar Pradesh politics. ‘Ram Mandir’ to ‘Mahabharata’ everything are the propaganda of the BJP work on the same agenda during election.

Extreme happens when blind followers start argue with other because they are only Hindu. Rest of all are just doing time pass because they never ask about ‘Ram Mandir’ but question government on education, economy and vacancies.

Ohh shit.. I forget ‘Narendra Modi is Lord Rama’ and we don’t have write to ask any question to our ‘Ram Jee’.

Right ?


This post was just a normal trolling on some of the blind followers can’t see right or wrong. A blind follower is always a blind follower no matter either of ruling or opposition.

They start spreading lies if their leader compares ‘Narendra Modi’ as ‘Lord Rama’ they also start proving it. At the other hand in opposition, if leader compare ‘Amit Shah’ as ‘Ravan’ blind followers start proving ‘Amit Shah is Ravan’.

I can’t understand that where are we going just because of these politicians and their agendas.

Actually bitter truth is ‘the only fault of blind followers never demands for development but always get ready to promote ‘extra bhakti of their bhagwan’.  Our politicians understand this, thus talk on the favourite topic of so called ‘Ram Bhakts’.

In fact our politician know that, once issue will be resolved their political career will be finished in Uttar Pradesh like states specially.

So they always keep alive this agenda and never work on ground level.

See, they only talk about ‘Rama and ‘Ravan’ during election and Hindu-Muslim dirty politics but not work on ‘Rama’ issues.

Preeti Mishra

Preeti Mishra

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