Manoj Tiwari Ji! Preparation is Over! Get Ready for Acting in LS Election 2019


Whenever I hear the name of Shri Manoj Tiwari all it reminds me of “Jia Ho Bihar Ka Lala!” And every time he proves me right too. Lingering in the news with his babyish statements is his one of the greatest skill, or we can say a tactic, so people do not forget him as a leader too. Let’s see how you will see Manoj Tiwari in election 2019..

But does he do out of curiosity or loves to get trolled!
You must be thinking why Manoj Tiwari is the hot topic for today is it for the reason that of the upcoming LS Election 2019?

No not at all, as this Bihari Babu is here all because of its groundless statements thrown lovingly on Arvind Kejriwal.

“Those who don’t know Manoj Tiwari is the current president of the BJP Delhi and is willing to seek the opportunity to grab the seat of Chief Minister of Delhi.” Let us witness the troll game; get ready all! As you are going to read a mind-blowing answer now – When asked about the garbage and sanitation issues here in Delhi Manoj Tiwari answered
“Centre has issued the entire fund to the Delhi Government but Kejriwal is not at all willing to pass it on to the Nigam, and this is the reason Delhi is covered with all these issues concerning garbage. “
Grow up Mr. Tiwari as we know your eyes or on the seat of the Chief Minister; so spill the beans very carefully.

No proves, no data and someone at this position is making false statements thinking we public are just the dancing dolls. Even kids give their comments wisely. LOL….; I am sure Mr. Bean might fail in front of you.

By the time Aaj Tak tweeted his interview on their twitter account, people all over thrashed him back hysterically, and you will unquestionably have an entertaining time knowing about what happened after the cake was ready. It made me go ROFL…

Let’s get started and get pleasure from this out of this world trip of Twitter trolling, tweets and the flow of re-tweets. Hey! Why enjoy alone, you can also join here and share your ideas plus can enjoy Manoj Tiwari acting.

Public gives it back like a boss, and poor Manoj Tiwari faced the verge of the same.

Here are some of the best replies that came out instantly from the public were few questions listed below, and all were serious ones but with a comical twist.

Public needs some data and do you know what they are; then let’s unfold the beans;
  • “How much has central government paid to the Delhi government and the MCD?” And the next very question that made sense was –
  • “How much MCD’s amount is due on the Delhi government and Delhi Government as taxes?”
Some more side-splitting ones are;
  • People even called him Nachaniya and asked him to stop his acting here. This was epic!
  • Plus many came out with the exact data of the funds. It was incredible! Some even brought Modi is this stream as his “Mukhiya.”
  • One asked to disclose the funds’ statement if it was transferred to MCD.
  • The other said to stop his acting here and get back to his mainland and try the skills there.

There have been a lot and lot of controversies around these funds, and in all these, the Aam Janta is the only one who is suffering, but while seeing the throwback from the public, it came out quite evident that Manoj Tiwari fake acting skill didn’t work against Delhi CM Kejriwal this time.

Hello, Mr. Tiwari Ji, you need to take some time out from your preparation and rehearsals as we are not the idiots. Plus it is you who needs to check out the budget books as you are not at all going to fool us around.

The Mary Go Round! Is not going to be entertained my dear Bihari Babu and we are not at all blinking here! HaHa…  Ha……


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