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Surprising Interesting Facts About Rahul Gandhi That No One Knows

Politics Tadka Amit Jat 28 October 2018
Surprising Interesting Facts About Rahul Gandhi That No One Knows

Rahul Gandhi is the son of Rajeev Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi who was born on 19th June 1970 in Delhi. He is a descendent from the most recognised political family of the nation. Both his father Rajeev Gandhi and grandmother Indira Gandhi served as the Prime Minister of the nation and led Congress party for many years. Her mother Sonia Gandhi also served as the president of Congress party. Unfortunately, his father and grandmother were assassinated while serving the nation which turns his life upside down. Here are some unknown Rahul Gandhi facts that will change your perspective about this young leader who is facing a lot of controversies recently.


Rahul Gandhi went to St. Columba’s school in New Delhi for his primary education. He later went to the Doon School in Dehradun where he studied for three years. After the assassination of his grandmother in 1984, he was home schooled with his sister Priyanka as the family was facing lot of security threats. In fall of year 1989, he went to St. Stephen’s College in New Delhi to get bachelor’s degree in History.

He later moved switched to Harvard University in United States in order to complete his graduation. After his father Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated in year 1991, he returned back to India and joined Rollin’s college. One lesser known Rahul Gandhi fact is that he went to pursue his M.Phil from Trinity College in the United Kingdom under an alias name of Raul Vincy due to security reasons.

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Before entering politics

After graduating from Cambridge, he started working in a London based management consulting firm which goes by the name of Monitor group. In year 2002, he returned back to India and started his own outsourcing firm Backops Services PVT Ltd in Mumbai.

Political career

Currently, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is serving as the Member of Parliament from Amethi district in Uttar Pradesh. He is also serving as the General Secretary of the INC and NSUI. He won consequently for 3 terms of Lok Sabhi election in 2004, 2009 and 2014 from Amethi.  He is also serving as the President of Congress party and is a primary contender for the Prime Minister race of 2019 elections.

These are some lesser known Rahul Gandhi facts. He is well recognised for as one of the most outspoken politician, a quality which often leads him toward controversies. If we analyse the current political scenario of the nation, Rahul Gandhi is the person who can change the entire political architecture of the nation with his modern and distant vision.

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