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LoanTap Announces Key Promotions & Appointments to Drive Growth and Innovation

 LoanTap, a leading digital lending platform, has recently announced a series of strategic appointments and promotions to bolster its team of highly experienced professionals.

 LoanTap, a leading digital lending platform, has recently announced a series of strategic appointments and promotions to bolster its team of highly experienced professionals. These strategic moves reflect LoanTap’s unwavering commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and continued growth in the rapidly evolving financial technology sector.

LoanTap is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Rajeev Das, formerly the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of LoanTap, as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of i-Loan Credit Private Limited. i-Loan Credit Private Limited is an RBI registered NBFC that focuses on loans for electric two wheelers and green energy. Mr Das brings with him an impressive career spanning over two decades at Standard Chartered Bank, where he successfully managed the bank’s substantial SME portfolio. His extensive experience includes overseeing various audits, such as RBI audits, BRR audit, TCF audit, peer audit, and group audit of sales operations in India and abroad. As CEO of i-Loan, Mr Das will leverage his visionary approach to drive the company’s strategic vision of green finance and actively promote the adoption of electric two-wheelers. Under his leadership, i-Loan aims to establish electric two-wheelers as the new paradigm, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

In addition, Mr Ameet Venkeshwar, a seasoned finance professional with over 16 years of experience, has been promoted from Business Head to the prestigious position of Chief Business Officer (CBO). With a successful track record in aligning businesses for optimal results, Mr Venkeshwar brings invaluable expertise to his new role. His previous role as the Zonal Sales Head for Maharashtra at IndusInd Bank and his experience with Citi Finance further enhance his capabilities. As CBO, Mr Venkeshwar will provide strategic leadership and oversee all aspects of LoanTap’s business operations, with a specific focus on Distribution and AfterPay. His appointment is expected to drive efficiency, enhance productivity, and propel the company towards achieving its targets and business performance goals.

LoanTap’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mr Satyam Kumar, expressed his thoughts, stating, “We are proud to announce the well-deserved leadership roles assigned to Mr Ameet Venkeshwar and Mr Rajeev Das as they fully understand the DNA of the organization. Their extensive industry experience and exceptional leadership qualities will further drive our growth and innovation. As LoanTap continues to expand and enhance its services, their expertise will be invaluable in our pursuit of providing accessible financial solutions to our customers.”

With these strategic appointments and promotions, LoanTap is well-positioned to maintain its successful trajectory. The company has experienced exceptional growth, expanding its distribution and AfterPay network across diverse sectors. Looking ahead, LoanTap remains steadfast in its commitment to making credit more accessible to over 4 lakh merchants through its AfterPay network this year.

About LoanTap

LoanTap is one of the fastest-growing & trusted FinTech companies in the category with its in-house RBI-registered NBFC led by experienced leadership and a highly skilled team. LoanTap focuses on customer delight by helping them choose the best loan products from a portfolio of multiple products like personal loans, business loans, home loans, gold loans, loans against mutual funds plus many use case loans. LoanTap has had a successful year expanding its distribution and AfterPay network in various sectors. Looking towards the future, LoanTap’s goal is to make credit more accessible to over 4 lakh merchants through their AfterPay network this year. LoanTap plans to achieve this goal by utilizing LTFLoW, their innovative LendTech platform. LTFLoW allows to establish a roadmap towards profitable growth while creating a resilient digital lending ecosystem. With its anchor-led distribution stack, marketplace for capital coverage, and in-house NBFC, users of LTFLoW can continue to create innovative products and expand their reach.

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