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Ten Things That Make Me a Fan of Dr. Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas, was one of the pillars in AAP. He is being most frequently known for his controversies and allegations. There are few things about Dr. Kumar Vishwas which would make anyone become his fan. It is not a good way to judge a person just by knowing his one side of life. In the case of KV, the society needs to know the other side of his life. In spite of some many tragedies he is loved for some many things and this quality in him would definitely make us feel he is great and you can become a fan of Kumar Vishwas.


Before stepping into the politics, Kumar Vishwas was known for his extraordinary poems. He had participated in the poem recitation overseas like USA, Singapore, and Japan. He has received a worldwide appreciation too.

Anti-corruption movement

He has raised his voice against the corruption along with Anna Hazare. During 2012, when Anna Hazare did huge protest against the government for the corruption, Kumar Vishwas himself joined the protest and gave a huge support to Anna Hazare for this movement.


Though they are many politicians and the political parties does a religious-based work. Kumar Vishwas has never supported any religion directly or indirectly. He has always acted very secular and have questioned the politicians who are being non-secular.

Straight forward 

Kumar Vishwas does thing whatever is true to his heart. Though many allegations have been kept before him whatever he does, he will do it boldly.

And never been scared for raising the voice against the wrong happenings.

Neutral & Bold

Whoever it may be, wrong is wrong, this what Kumar Vishwas follows. Even though Arvind Kejriwal is from the same party of him, he never hesitated to question him.

Many incidents have taken place were Kumar have questioned Kejriwal for any misconnection in the party.


Kumar’s political life will definitely make us feel amazed, though he had a lot of supporters he didn’t claim his victory in contesting with unfamiliar politicians. He stood against Rahul Gandhi the president of the Congress party, no politician would come forward to contest against a strong political leader but Kumar Vishwas was bold enough to do such a thing.

Good husband

BJP has pointed out a lot of allegation on Kumar Vishwas, regarding the affair. But no evidence has been shown to prove this. Kumar was always to true to his wife and have been so caring towards her.

Protested for Human Rights

When it comes to any illegal activity against the people, Kumar never kept quiet. He jumped into the protest for human rights.

Video Tape

Kumar Vishwas’s videotape in YouTube went viral in social media. He didn’t fear or had a second thought to mention the politician’s name and the party. Though he was asked to apologize, he refused to do so.

Remind mistake of own party:

One person with multiple qualities, named as Dr. Kumar Vishwas. A bold and straight forward person never care about his own image and also alleged AAP president and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. He asked questions when CM Kejriwal sent Guptas in the RajyaSabha. He always remind party’s mistakes.

Sometime people love him sometime hate as per their own will and circumstances. Some say, he is trying to promote himself that’s why he is shouting on CM Kejriwal. But, even on these kind of controversial things, Kumar’s fan following is increasing day by day and make a common person fan of Kumar Vishwas.

Abirami ramamoorthy

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