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Indian Politics – Ek Hi Thali Ke Chatte Batte

Guys have you ever felt like being a superman and your mom asks you to not fly high. Since you may hit the birds and sometimes would make them feel jealous. Or being the girl you’re asked to return home from the office by 6 pm, but you can’t because you’re in a night shift. How it would feel like by being asked by these kinds most silly questions. Like you have just passed out from the college, it had been just 10 days and you go for a job interview and you’re asked to explain what you were doing all these 10 days being unemployed? Time to start talking about some of the Ek hi thali chatte batte’ .

Actually, Indian politicians are owning a right or you can say it a protocol.

‘If any of the culprits belong to your party he/she is not culprits’

Simple na?

Arey doesn’t get pissed off with these things yar. If you get to know about the pathetic state of the Indian politics then you will feel the problem which your facing is not even a thing in front of this. Stupidity is everywhere. When you think you’re in the state of not able to take this idiotic activity but no other go you have to stay quiet and tolerate all this, please don’t think so.

‘If I’ll come with the majority votes, I’ll KILL corruption and by cot corrupts from the society’, said by Narendra Modi during the 2014 LS Election campaign. But what now?

Did he file any charge sheet against Vyapam Scamers? Did he say anything on the case of Jai Shah (Amit Shah’s son) who alleged?

Because our politicians are in a worse state than you. Uffffffff why should I know about politics? What am I gonna do after knowing this? If you have such questions then here is your answer. When your son or daughter comes to you and asks some doubt from their social book you should be at least in position to answer who is the prime minister of India.

Every Indian political party has some geniuses. Even the party president would go speechless by their activity. Non-Delhi people, are you aware of Satyendra Jain?

He is the health minister of Delhi from the AAP but now he is into the serious allegation. Caught by the CBI for corruption.

Sorry Sorry… not him but his public servants. AAP has to be appreciated in this issue. It had made an immense effort to save its member but not really. Arvind Kejriwal himself is in trouble now. Satyendra handed over 2 cores of money to Kejriwal and I am the eyewitness, says Kapil Mishra hmmm hmmm hmmm.

Now, who is going to save Kejriwal from this issue?

A mom is always. Though we look like a potato, only to our mom’s eyes we will be seen as a golden flower. Mr. Rahul Gandhi, please think about your mom. You can be the leader of the nation later. First be a good son. Don’t give some illogical talks to the public and bring a bad name to your mom. Be a good bacha.

Azam Khan, you need not think about the person whom your gonna talk about, you need not think about your words, you need not think about anything but please consider thinking about your party’s president Akhilesh Yadav. He can’t put his head down for all your hatred speeches. Here comes the hottest among them all.

The ruling party “BJP”. Boycott leader likes Kanahiya for organizing the event in Afzul guru. But we can call Afzul guru a martyr. Ssshhhhhh and we follow nationalism. Hmm hmm BJP wow wow …….

Now tell me, do you really feel annoyed by some idiots… arey learn from our politicians. They will teach you the art of tolerance. tedha hai par mera hai…. if it happens in other party it is a crime, but when it comes to my party arey yar it is common in politics.

Abirami ramamoorthy

Abirami ramamoorthy

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