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Rahul Gandhi on being asked if he can be PM in 2019: ‘Yes, why not?’

Rahul Gandhi finally opens up his willingness towards becoming the prime minister to the crowd. On the conference held at Bengaluru on Tuesday, the 47-year-old Rahul Gandhi answered to the media person’s question that is he ready to become the prime minister in 2019? Yes, why not? By making the majority winning of the Congress and with the support of his MP’s he could definitely make the entry in the parliament as the PM of India. The Congress president Rahul Gandhi is being sure that BJP would fail in retention of their political journey as ruling party in 2019.

In the 14 years political journey of Rahul Gandhi from 2004 till now, with his immense dedication towards the Congress Rahul emerged as the president of the party, in spite of all the Congress veterans. His interest towards the politics and the guidance of his parents no wonder Gandhi’s showing great progress in this field. On replacing his father’s place and contesting in the general election at Amethi, which is the constituency of Rajiv Gandhi he was able to possess his victory on the next general election.

Though haing a vast political background, Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party didn’t give a tough competition to BJP in the 2014 general election. The Congress party’s retention of the victory didn’t work, they were able to win only 44 seats. Whereas in the previous election the count was 206. Now the Congress president boldly says that people would accept them back in 2019 through all the BJP’s antitrust among the people, the BJP and the Narendra Modi will lose from the united opposition. In the Bengaluru press conference the Gandhi heated up the election more and the sign of the political war flashed a green signal.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi has also accused BJP of appointing a murderer as the president of its party. He had directly shot a question to the Prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi that why he had appointed a corrupted person? He asked the people not to mistake that Amit Shah own a lot of credibilities, besides everything he is murderer say the Gandhi. He has also blamed the BJP for allotting tickets for the Reddy brothers. The press conference of the Rahul Gandhi is getting viral among the social sites.

The Karnataka election has declared to take place on May 12th and both the leading parties of India have begun the war. Since the day is not too far the battle between the parties have become more vigorous and personal. The conferences and the canvas in the poll-bound state Karnataka had become more interesting because of the direct attack of question are kept before each party. Will it have any impact in the 2019 general election? Yes, since the general election is about to happen next year this will be the right platform for the parties to gain the support from the people.

Coming to Rahul Gandhi, this is the first time ever since he is accepting his willingness and the ambition to become the Prime minister. In the past 14 years, Rahul has never come forward accepting such thing. This the smart move too, since the people will have no more confusion with the Congress party in who will be the prime minister candidate as it happened in the previous time. The Congress president’s statement has given the people an assurance about his role in the 2019 election. Will BJP answer all the questions of Rahul Gandhi?

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