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No Indian University Among Times Top 250 Higher Education Rank 2019

Logic News World Ritu 13 October 2018

Times Higher Education World Ranking 2019 has been released, and none of the Indian universities were able to mark its place in the top 250 list. Times Higher Education World Ranking is one of the most imperative and prestigious records. This record is directly related to the country’s educational system development too.

The top and renowned colleges like Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Banaras Hindu University are nowhere in the list which is well enough to understand the educational regime that is running right now in our country. All this bring us to one question, and that is what will be the future of our coming generation plus what will be the status of these universities in the coming future?


The ranking list issued by the Times Higher Education World Ranking is of a global level and in which around 1250 colleges all over the world established its place. But hardly 49 Indian Universities could raise their flags but that too after the lists call for the 250 positions. Yes, from the 1st to the 250th position you will not at all stumble on any single Indian Universities around.

The institutions that have been listed include Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Indian Institutes of Technology – Indore, Bombay, Roorkee Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara University or JSS University, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Amrita University, Banaras Hindu University. Plus, if we see the ranking of other countries, then China marked its spot and tops in the ranking. Even Asia’s top institutions that have been ranked are in China only. China’s Tsinghua University tops universities in Asia by improving rank 30 to rank 22.

What is the reason for our Indian Institutions failing so badly in the global front?

The answer to this question is only the Political Intrusion. If we look back to the previous 25 years the political participation has shown a steep augmentation. With the fleeting time it’s now taking the most significant decisions of these universities too. Every time we can see the Universities like BHU, DU, and JNU in the news and the reasons are always in wrong terms. The major intimidations of political involvement that we can examine very carefully are the acts of violence, harassment and more.

Let us discuss about some facts and for this we need to go backside. Just after a decade of freedom the State government started interfering in the work of the educational universities. In no time the educational campus turned out to be the political elections upfront. The example of all these is the Allahabad University, Patna University and the universities of Rajasthan, etc. They have just lost their charm, and the academic growth has declined slatternly since the year 1980. Now the same shadow is hovering over the public universities especially the Delhi University and the Jawaharlal University.

Along with this, due to the political involvement of the government both the state and the central. The number of the public universities have shown as a drastic fall.  The oldest and the most acknowledged universities have suffered major damage with regard to their academic upfront. It is hardly anyone says the name of these universities and even the students are not at all interested to get admission in them too.

Political Vedanta:

If the political intrusions continue like this, the same scenario will be repeated with the universities like DU, JNU, and BHU. It is not like they are standing tall and have suffered less damage compared to the other public universities. Actually it is because now they are nowhere near the global ranking too.

We have to understand the need of the hour; that the universities offer a platform where political freedom or involvement is not required. It is a place of exploring and enlightening the coming generation. So, they can work for making the country’s future bright and let it shine all across the world. It is high time we should join hands together and eradicate the politics from the entire education system. If we do not wake up now, then the time is near when our public institutions will be nowhere in the list. Endeavour should be done to reform and revive the academic part and not for winning the elections. The storms of the politics should be stopped behind the gates of the universities.



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