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The Threatening and Self-killing Consequences of Social Media

The purpose of social media was fulfilled by the generation then, but later, it started ruining and ultimately, today, it has gone to dogs.
Information Logic Baba Ghantanand 19 September 2020
The Media’s Roller Coaster Ride on Sushant Singh Rajput’s Case

Today, the biggest irony is -the technology that was invented to save the time and better the society has turned into the biggest culprit of today’s hatred, wrath of all, and absence of mannerliness. While you have great young entrepreneurs utilizing the power of social media to create astounding applications such as Byju’s and Paytm, on the other hand, majority of
the youth, especially in India, is burying itself into the terrible addiction and ‘so-called’ freedom of social media.

What was social media meant for?

Social media was meant for communicating and staying in touch with each other across the world. Adding to that was the information or news that was to spread in a jiffy. The purpose of social media was fulfilled by the generation then, but later, it started ruining and ultimately, today, it has gone to dogs.

Social media -then and now

It is true that social media is the fastest way of communication today. In fact, that was the purpose of inventing this wonderful platform. A decade back, the social media was a bit innocent where there was no ‘troll’ word at least among Indians. The platforms like Orkut, Yahoo! Messenger, Go4i were used to communicate about general talks, wishes, and work. I still remember that I used to send digital birthday cards, used to chat with foreigners asking
their AGL(Age, Gender, Location) – the millennials won’t even have an idea about it!).

The communication was in limits and with full of respect. The ‘freedom of speech’ did not prevail then! But all were happy because there were no insults, abusing, and offensive content.

Today, the social media is the biggest filth where anyone can abuse or mudsling anyone Whether Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi, we have comments of appreciation as well as hatred. Now, that is okay but the language used and memes created cross all the limits where sex, blood, deterioration of the personality is common. People too look at it, laugh, and forget.

The misuse of ‘freedom of speech’

The biggest shield today wore by hatemongers is ‘it’s my freedom of speech’ where abusing words and speaking filth is allowed. Calling a leader ‘pappu’, ‘feku’, and ‘kejri’ has become norms to those personalities. Nobody bothers about the stature they hold. The saddest part is that most of the youth is majorly involved. Now, such an approach is making them rotten from the core. The words they can easily use on the social media would be then used by them from their own mouths, that too for their friends and finally their families.

Overall, it’s the social media that brought everyone together then, and today, it has become a prime reason for separation; the separation from manners, the separation from each other, and the separation from good ideology.