All around the world, thousands of markets have millions of tents, and an Arabic tent still lists at the top position and astonishing part of Arabic tents.

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Baba Ghantanand

Baba Ghantanand


Characters of Gujaratis or Gujjubhai you will Never Fail to Notice

They are here, they are there…they are in the west, they are in the east…they are in your state, in…


Don’t Visit South India without Reading ‘North Indian’s Etiquettes Guide’

South India is full of nature’s beauty and cultural heritage. The Mother Nature has gifted them with a lot of…


What coronavirus has taught us, nobody can in the world

It came like a storm and took off hundreds of thousands of lives in just a few months. The killer…


The place where laws are ‘made’ and broken – the parliaments

In countries like India, parliaments are called the ‘temples’ because there is where the laws that protect humanity, protect culture,…


The higher you climb, the bigger the fall you face–Ask Anil Ambani

Back then on the tragic day of Dhirubhai Ambani’s demise on July 6, 2002, the two of his brilliant sons…


Drama of Social Distancing & COVID19 Precautions by the Governments

It’s been close to six months that the deadly (really?) virus hit the world and showed everyone its ‘little’ power.…

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Dubai IPL 2020 – game from UAE, sound from Vankhede India

Coronavirus affected the entire world, but then India, as always, is super conscious than rest of the world -at least…


The Media’s Roller Coaster Ride on Sushant Singh Rajput’s Case

It all started with suicide, the first verdict of terrible Indian media’s own volition! Just within a few hours, the…

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Bihar Legislative Elections 2020 – the acid test for Nitish Kumar

When it comes to a real tussle between the political parties for any elections in North India, it’d be Bihar…

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The Threatening and Self-killing Consequences of Social Media

Today, the biggest irony is -the technology that was invented to save the time and better the society has turned…