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Cinema Halls in India – A Great Catch 22 Situation

However, it did not work to hate-mongers and there has been a twitter trend of #boycottBollywood along with all boycotts of other movies.
Troll Baba Ghantanand 15 October 2020
Cinema Halls in India – A Great Catch 22 Situation

Okay, so we are coming out of covid19 slowly but steadily! While the government was keen to open all ‘thekas’ or in better words ‘liquor shops’, little did they give importance to health and education. Gyms were opened at the last and schools and coaching classes are still gloomy. In this all, entertainment industry continued to mint money through Indian web series, the soft porn serving! Now, all the big banner movies got stuck in pandemic and there was no theater release for several months!

The pressure from a billion dollar industry was obvious on the government and, therefore, ultimately, on October 15, 2020 all the theaters are allowed to operate across the nation. Well, but then there are few great stumbling blocks lie ahead! Because, it’s India!

Sushant Singh Rajpoot

The great actor still influences the film industry, in fact influences more after his demise. While the eye of storm is still on ‘nepotism’ and doing ‘injustice’ to SSR, real and fake fans are in no mood to visit theaters. To woo the audience, the Bollywood industry is coming up with a lot of movies to release in theaters and also releasing Kedarnath to pacify the furious fans! However, it did not work to hate-mongers and there has been a twitter trend of #boycottBollywood along with all boycotts of other movies.


Those who have already ‘tasted’ corona are free from all worries. No masks, no sanitization, and no any other precautions! They are free bird as they now know that the devil was ‘portrayed’ deadly more by social media! There’s nothing the tiny microscopic body does to humans unless you are sick or have major ailments like kidney failure, diabetes, and so on. When theaters are opened, a few people would take risks to go to cinema halls. Sanitizing hall after every show will be compulsory and that would put extra overheads to the owners. Also, the theaters have to maintain the distance between two on the seats in the hall –that way, the ‘house full’ may not be possible!


Drugs have been there in Bollywood since time immemorial, but thanks to gutter Indian news channels finding opportunity to increase their TRPs in lockdown. Especially the ‘nation wants to know’ grunting swine has made ‘hatred’ and ‘filth’ as his life goal! Joined by millions with similar mentality in India, he and his channel have grown manifold. Adding fuel to fire is the babbling ‘Queen’ who herself got kicked out from Bollywood but still injects poison in audiences. Drug connection with Bollywood has created ruckus and hence, many have turned down watching movies.

All in all, since it’s India, the filth can grow limitless. Anything can happen! Theaters will now have to find some other way to survive unless they now ‘purchase’ news channels or anchors and mold things accordingly.