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Tata Tanishq Ekatvam – How Dare you Show Any Unity in India?

Tata Tanishq had to withdraw that advertisement and assure the security of their stores across the nation. Tanishq stores are vandalized all over India.
Troll Baba Ghantanand 17 October 2020
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How could a pregnant lady be happy? Or better, how could she marry to a person who she wanted at first? This should be a conspiracy; this should be a plan; this should be defaming the nation. Yes, this advertisement is funded by ISI or Pakistan! A lot of these or similar thoughts have already run or being run in every Indian’s mind.

The only problem yet major problem that two-rupee trollers on social media saw and got an opportunity out of was a beautiful lady enjoying her life in some other cast’s house. While the same cheap creatures would hold ‘online candle march’ for ‘women’s azadi’, they were acting furious for the said reason about the advertisement of Tata’s Tanishq Ekatvam.

The name itself suggests ‘ekatvam’ which means ‘unity’ or ‘united’. When it comes to the word ‘unity’, obviously, you don’t put the ‘same things’ together! Hence, if it’s unity among people, they come from different casts, religions, and ethnicity. But, unfortunately, the trollers are uneducated and hence, fall for few hundred rupees to spread hatred. They don’t have any other professional job anyway!

Today, in India, in the name of religion, military or army, government, and women, anyone can lynch, sack, abuse, or tarnish anyone. Earlier, for Manyavar, when Virat Kohli enters in different frames of different festivals including Diwali and Eid, it went all smooth –why? That is because the gutter IT squad of a particular political party wasn’t at charge.

In older times, when I was kid, I had come across a lot of instances of ‘real unity’ on the ground. Thankfully, there was no social media to spread filth and hatred. In fact, I find myself luckiest because then there was no mobile phones, no internet, and hence no disgusting manners.

Tata Tanishq had to withdraw that advertisement and assure the security of their stores across the nation. It won’t be any surprise if Tanishq stores are vandalized all over India because these days, ‘DeshDrohi’ tag is available free of cost, especially by a political group and fake organizations what we call in Hindi – sangh.

So, what’s next? Bollywood is already boycotted and so are the web series. Now, with setting such an incident, India is just a step closer to fascism and hub of hatred where everything will be judged on social media with no humanity left.