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Manish Sisodiya, The Unsung Hero Of Education System

Manish Sisodiya emphasized various aspects of the Indian educational system. He not only aimed at educating children but also inculcating the moral values.
Information Dinesh Goswami 6 February 2022
Manish Sisodiya, The Unsung Hero Of Education System

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodiya is a well known political leader belonging to the Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP). He is likewise admired for his work as an education minister, where he emphasized various aspects of the Indian educational system. He not only aimed at educating children but also inculcating the moral values that are far- left behind.

Manish Sisodiya brought up the idea of happiness class in the government schools of Delhi. This program focused on building up a positive atmosphere for the children to learn and grow up as better human beings.  Furthermore, he was also bestowed with the ‘Finest Education Minister’ award.

Provision of census duties

Manish Sisodiya outlawed the regulation of teachers for election duties. He made rules viewing that the teachers do not skip any of their classes because of their assignments for such events. This way, no compromise was allowed to be made regarding the children’s education.

Granting loans

Being a resident of Delhi, the government can provide you with collateral-free educational loans of up to ten lakhs. There are no assets that you get to pay to the lender, and besides this, the credit covers almost all of your scholarly requirements.

With this policy of Manish Sisodiya, the students can apply for their higher education even if they don’t have a stable financial status. 

Training programs for teachers

Manish Sisodiya is the first one who made treaties with Oxford & Cambridge Universities, and other regions so that teachers can be trained with terms and techniques that can be used for improving their teaching methods as well as experience.

Furthermore, he also equipped the teachers with tabs to keep all the records at a place and that too, without any hassles. This way, the time-consuming tasks were also quickly sorted out.

Likewise, he also took significant actions regarding the punctuality of the teachers. Manish Sisodiya gave the authority to the principals to employ new teachers substituting the ones who are not regular or are on extended leave periods.

Steering the quality of education

Even if the education for all factor prevails, the facet regarding the quality of education still lacks somewhere. It was observed that 70% of class 6 students weren’t able to read out their Hindi books. Subsequently, he intended for classrooms with no more than 30-40 scholars so that proper supervision can be performed, and the quality is not affected.

The Delhi Government ensured that the schooling is not merely about buildings and trained teachers but is also related to the personal development of a child beside his academics. The provision of the parents-teachers meeting was also highly promoted to establish a link between both sides.

Establishing more schools

Under Manish Sisodiya’s management, more schools were laid down along with the best classroom facilities. He attempted to modify the current condition of the government schools, such as Delhi Government School, Alipur, Delhi Government school, Peera Garhi, Govt. Boys’ Sr. Secondary School, SU Block, Pitampura, Government Senior Secondary School – RPVV, Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya, Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Govt Co-Ed Sr. Sec. School, Govt. Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Government Sarvodaya Co-education Senior Secondary School, Kadipur Government Girls’ Sr. Sec. School, Rajkiya Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Sarvodaya Vidyalaya K-2 Block, Mangolpuri, Delhi Government School,  Rajkiya Prathiba Vikas Vidyalaya, while working along with the latest techniques of learning. 

Manish Sisodiya claimed that poor infrastructure would inevitably affect the system. Therefore, the construction of nearly 12,745 new rooms will be built under his surveillance, incorporating 10,000 classrooms. 

Manish Sisodiya also stressed upon subjects regarding child psychology, where he focused on the issues that a lad is facing. Moreover, he came up with the idea of patriarchal, where the students who are not able to qualify their exams were provided with separate classes with a bit of low-end content. Along with this, in his book named Shiksha, he explained the actual facets of his happiness class curriculum, which includes meditation, conversations, where children get to put up their thoughts and opinions and their development as a better human being.

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