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Top 50 Hot Business Ideas for 2022 with Low Investment but High Profit

Listed; no investment business, low, high, medium investment business and highest investment business ideas for you Hot Business Ideas for 2021-2022
Top 50 Hot Business Ideas for 2020 with Low Investment but High Profit

If you are bored with your daily routine of 9 to 5 and with your same boring company and same boss. Then it’s time to wake up for the start-up own business and become a giant business owner.  There are various business ideas but here is best in best of all ideas for you to become a successful entrepreneur. Let,s talk about some Hot Business Ideas for  2022 as per the trend and your suitability.

Here are all types of ideas like; no investment business, low investment business,  medium investment business, high investment business and highest investment business for you. From these ideas, you can choose and become 100 % successful ideas.  According to your interest you can select;

Without Investment (Zero Investment Business Ideas)

 1. Online freelancing- like data entry, content writing, blogging and publishing:

If any way you are interested in writing then this is best for you to start-up your own business. In this there is no need of any investment . You have to work through your home and you can earn more than Rs. 5000 daily. Online freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online in India.

2. Freelance web designing and coding:

If you are from an IT field and interested in web designing and code then you can get the best options for you to start up your own business. You can take many project online or offline and earn Rs 50000 on one project. Only you  need is  good knowledge of computer language , designing  and coding.

3. English coaching academy:

In today Modern generation English language is very important for communication. If you know English well then this is good opportunity for you to start-up your own coaching institute for English learner without any investment you can earn money . In this your knowledge will help you to earn money.

4. Interior designer and decorator

If you are from Urban city and you are highly known of interior designer and Decorating . Then this is good news for you that in your own city you can earn money and start your bussiness. For start-up you need no money only good knowledge of home decorating ideas.

5. YouTube video making

If you are interested in cameras and making videos then through this habit you can earn good money.

Then you can make any type of video like; fun, masti, dancing, singing, an educational video,  and upload it on youtube to share or publish it.

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6. Lunch box delivery service:

One of best cheapest and no experience required business . you are interested in this you can start it very easily. In this only you have to peak lunch and deliver in offices.

7. Online tutorial and consultancy

If you have good knowledge of any subject and explanation power then this idea is only for you to start-up. You can make it full or half time profession .

8. Palm reader and astrologers:

If you know  Palm Reader and Astrology  this is low profitable business but if you got right Client then you can earn lot and lot in your home without any investment.

9. Computer hardware and software installation services:

This is most profitable and no investment business. Here your good knowledge of computer repairing and Software. Earn lot and lot.

10. Open consultancy of security guard and clean servicing:

In this business only need your own skill and man power . Only you have to  contact with such a person and companies who want to work like Guard and HK Boys and those who want such types of services. In this automatic earning will be. No Investment only you have to manage man power.

Low level investment about 10000 to 50000:

11. Food catering service:

If you are little bit interested in food and recipes then this idea is good for you to start-up . really you gain lot. In urban area mostly  people hire catering for various function like marriage  , anniversary, birthday etc.

12. Aggarbati and Beedi Making:

Low investment  this idea is perfect. To start-up  only you need registration and licence and some are material  to make products. In very less investment you can start this business only Man power effort is necessary  for growth of business.

13. Tailoring and stitching:

Now a day no o r want to wear unfit clothes so this is one of easy business  which include stitching machine and a good tailor . One thing in this is that you have to complete your order in given TAT

14. Accountant and Tax Consultancy:

If you are good in accounting and tax then through home you can start your business and  handle other customer account and there tax. Through this you can earn more and more depends on your types of customer.

15. Candle and Soap making:

For various occasion candle is used  so this is good to start-up if you have low budget for business. If you are know some soap making ideas then you can’t think about your earnings because it daily used product

17. Paper Bag Making:

It’s simple easy and more comfortable business for any body because it’s daily used product  easily available or manufacturing.

18. Pickle and Jam making:

For women this is one of home made experience job  . In this you only need good taste and raw material  licence and you can start your business easily.

19. Cooking Class:

With very low investment you can start this . Only you have to organised  your kitchen with all material and make yourself ready to cook and teach other taste and some different food . So that your client increase lot and you start earn more and more.

20. Acting and Dance School:

If you have knowledge of dancing and acting then you can open your own school for student. In summer and winter vacation all student need some freshness and for this they join acting and dancing class.

21. Mail Order business:

This is very low and low budget investment business for start-up only you need envelop and tape and glue and you can start your business. Only you need franchise for setup.

Medium level investment about 100000 to 300000

22. A Driving School:

If you have some budget then you can open Driving School  for driving learner. Requirement is your own licence vehicles and registration and capabilities to teach driving to other.

23. Baby Day Care:

Now a busy life  both husband and wife have to work  to fulfil their need . For working women it’s very difficult to manage her babies while working time . So in most Urban area Baby Day Care is most dependable business. Only you need is that a proper safe environment for baby and mother caring nature for start up

24. Home Grown Organic Farming:

Now a day we are not eating safe food that why we all a’re suffering from any disease. Organic  food is more demand-able  in every where. If you are interested in farming then you can start your business in this easily you only need is land and knowledge of organic farming.

25. Papad Making and Honey Processing:

Women oriented business  is Papad Making  any women can make it and earn from it after investment . Honey is also  demanding business for today. It’s all time Business.

26. Toys Making:

Toys are for kids. This is one of best business forever because toys are one of forever business and within some investment  this can be started.

27. Counselling of all types:

If you are good counsellor easily you can start counselling online and offline both business  .In one venue all types of counselling can be open . In this requirements is only  proper venue and promotion of your centre.

28. Pottery:

If you have some knowledge of pottery art or if you are interested in this than you can also choose ideas for start-up. You only required is good skill manpower and clay of different types and paint and chimini and proper space. Through all these you can earn lot.

29. Coffee or tea tea house:

In Urban area coffee and tea drinking outside home any cafe or restaurant become today fashion . With minimum investment you can start your business in this field.

30. Laundry Shop:

Little bit knowledge and proper space machine can start your business in this field.

31. Plumbing services:

Plumbing is also service like security and cleaning service because in this also you have to arrange manpower like plumber and search client and provide them plumber from your side to complete there work. this way you can earn lot and lot.

High level investment about 300000 to 1000000

32. Distributor and Dealers:

Distributor and Dealers and customer are all parallel to each other like distributor deal with dealer and Dealers sell there product to customer. If you have some idea to start this business then you can also start this.

33. Store /Boutique for clothing and Fashion Accessories for all

If you have proper space in main market then you can start your bussiness of fancy dresses and accessories selling to high customer by making mall or building store.

34. All types of stores:

This is exactly above ideas but little bit different because  you have to make such a building in which all types of product can be sell and purchase . You need proper ground for building.

35. HR recruiter:

In this you have to contact with many companies for placing your client for job. For this you also charge from your client and company both.

36. A call centre:

In this you need many manpower to start and proper setup for calling .

37. Play group school:

If you are kids lover and interested in education of children then you can start your play group school for kids. For this you need proper space and infrastructure and teacher for kids

38. Pathology Lab:

You can start your own business  in pathology and testing lab

39. Packer and Movers or Courier Services:

You can start your own courier services for different client . You need Man power for packing and transport service to transport courier packages

40. Old age Home:

Most of old parents were living without there children So for them you can arrange home for them and proper facility so that they can happy.

41. Cold storage facility:

You can make proper store for storing product in cooling place . For this you need you need proper space and cooling  machine.

Highest level investment 20 lakh to 5 crore

42. Hotel And Lodges Services:

Now today modern generation travelling were growing very rapidly . If you have your land in proper tourist place then while making building you can provide them accommodation services and earn lot.

43. News paper and Magazine publishing:

You can start your publishing business in your city. Only you require a good writer editor and machinery to print .

44. Animal Husbandry, Poultry and Fisheries:

If you have some collection of good animal then you can start your business in this easily you only need is proper infrastructure and some Man power to handle animal . Even you can supply or sell meat also.

Building Construction cities flat selling and purchasing become trend. You can also become small or big Builder only you have arrange proper land to make your building and after start selling your flat .

45. Gas Station or Petrol Pump:

If you have proper capital and power to get licence then only you should start you business. Because in this high amount of capital required and licence to set-up this business.

46. Party hall, Marriage Hall:

If you have proper area  and space for organising any event then you can start this business . and also you have to take permission from magistrates for playing sound and music after 11 pm . If your ideas in organising any event really rock then you can start this.

47. Charter Flight Services:

This is not for all really costly because you have your own charter flight plan and you can provide your plan to client on rent and earn lots.

48. Modular Kitchens, Sofa and Furniture Stores:

Now a day no one is using simple kitchen for their house. All were making modular kitchen and Furniture in their home so if you have some capital you can start this  business. You need good carpenter and wood to make.

49. Transport services:

This business is luxurious business because once with your capital purchase your busses and truck and you can start your business. Daily based maintenance and driver were required.

50. Cricket Coaching Academy:

This business ideas is also lit but costlier because in this you need proper ground for cricketer student to teach them if you have this then you can start this business.

Above all business ideas are one of best ideas among all. Most effective ideas to start up your own business.