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Weight Loss Tips & Myths: Why Wheat Is More Unhealthy Than Rice

If there are 10 pros about wheat, then there is an equal number of advantages associated with rice as well. Here are some facts about rice nutrition

If There Are 10 Pros About Wheat, Then There Is An Equal Number Of Advantages Associated With Rice As Well. Here Are Some Facts About Rice Nutrition

Some questions can’t be answered too straightforwardly as their answers are shrouded in mystery and misconceptions possessed by the masses.

If there are 10 pros about wheat, then there is an equal number of advantages associated with rice as well. Here are some facts about rice nutrition , which will help you out in determining the real power possessed by good old rice.     

Digestive factor

The digestive factor of rice is something that gives it an edge over its adversary. Although wheat is rich in fiber, it isn’t stomach-friendly as far as digestion is concerned. Rice ranks fairly above wheat in terms of metabolism as it gets digested easily with the help of starch present in it.

Wheat flour is a complex compound that gives off energy at the expense of delayed digestion. This delay might be suitable for some people, but for someone who has an issue digesting things might find chewing down a chapati quite difficult.      

Sodium content

Blood pressure control in this era has become a household term; nearly every third individual is facing either high or low blood pressure problems. While sodium is to be blamed for this anomaly, it should be noted that traces of sodium are present in regular day to day edible items as well.

Wheat, while good in fiber and many other nutrients, is unsuitable for those who have serious blood pressure issues. Rice, on the other hand, is blood pressure friendly; hence, you can enjoy rice without worrying about blood pressure problems. 


Wheat is not the enemy here; it still is a very important part of a “balanced diet.” However, considering every clear white flour to be healthy, wheat flour is a wrong thing to do at the same time. Plagued by problems such as moisture absorption, pest invasion, an unhealthy mixture, etc. make the glistening white flour, a product of unhealthy wheat. 

It takes a whole lot of planning and precise execution of safety regulations to bring the quality of wheat to an acceptable level. Not to mention, the yield also plays an important role in determining the quality of wheat flour to be produced.  

Calorific value

The calorie-digestion trade-off is an important factor in determining the best pick in between rice and wheat. While a cup of cooked wheat might provide you with 228 calories, the same amount of cooked rice will provide you with not more than 194 rice calories.

But here’s the thing, wheat provides more calories and is harder to digest. On the other hand, rice provides better digestion and gives off lesser calories as compared to wheat. The choice is yours.

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