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Most Influencing Strategies but Dark Secrets of Indian Political IT cell

It is very well known fact that every political party in India has its own IT cells which acts at the back of the political parties. But actually what is the role of this IT cell? What role do they play in social media?  The truth and dark secrets of Indian political IT cell is not about one, two or a group of people, the number is huge. The most prominent role of these party is to create a trend among the people. To capture a large scale of crowd social media is the right platform to endorse the ongoing issue by the society.

Like if some allegation is created against a party, then these IT cell steps in, more than 10k profiles will be an under the control of the party, which will post a fake evidence or some news at a time. Eventually, it will appear as the most popular trends and the party supporters will also believe that the allegation was a fake one. It will spread among the people likely. This the most effective political weapon used by politicians to manipulate an ongoing issue favouring the party.

The nation has to be aware of the darkest secret of this kind of political IT cell and here it goes;


On Feb 27, 2018, BJP pulled its own leg in the twitter, former actor and present politician Paresh Rawal has twitted on his twitter about the congress lying on the PNB issue with the hashtag Joothicongress. Within few minutes the BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya came with the same hashtag. And Paresh has also shared a doc on spreading the #joothicongress. Unfortunately, BJP has revealed the spreading of the trends against the opposing party.

Controlling the popular pages:

Instead of opening a new page and getting the followers this is the another cunning move is followed by the parties. In twitter and Facebook certain meme pages has a huge followers list. The political parties approach the owner of the pages and pay them a huge sum of money to post some offensive meme on the page in slamming the opposite party. The followers of these pages are the general audience so this is more enough to get their support.

Fake evidence:

The political parties will be never ready to people know their real face. So if some allegation or criminal offense is being reported on the party then IT cell would come with a fake evidence, numerous repost which reaches a wide range of audience. At some point, the entire social media crowd will accept the cook up evidence as true.


When the parties come with some law the reviews among the people will be neutral. So in order to make it acceptable, the trick of an establishment is being used again via the re-post.

False news:

Coming up with a fake news and making the people to share it in more numbers it is being there from the existence of the social media. The pathetic thing of all is people believes the news. Although many of the hoax slayers are doing great job to debunk fake news in India too.


How to occupy the people’s mind? That is the easiest thing. Just through trending something and grabbing their attention is more enough.

Paid followers:

Not all the followers on the political page are true followers, some do get paid for following and bring a variety of followers to the page.


How much effort the ruling party makes to hide an issue more the effort the opposing takes in highlighting the issue.


Without memes, the entire social media would become dry. Political parties make use of the weakness of the people falling towards the humorous memes and convey their ideology. This kind of memes are invite a huge crowd on social media.

Page Admins:

If people still think that the politicians really spare their time and updates the status in social media, then pity on those people. Many politicians won’t even be aware of what’s going on their page. The admins are the one who takes care of all the post.

So I strongly recommend that every common people should opt the situation and observe the real rehabilitation of Indian political parties. They tend to do dirty political game for wining aroma. But we should be careful while selecting them as our rulers.


Abirami ramamoorthy

Abirami ramamoorthy

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