All around the world, thousands of markets have millions of tents, and an Arabic tent still lists at the top position and astonishing part of Arabic tents.

Taaza Tadka

I Don’t Have Any Hesitation To Call It ‘Pad’ Instead of ‘Sanitary Napkin’

Aunt was washing clothes on hand-pump in my village and sudden she took a frock in her hand with red…


Dear Dalits/Women, Either Demand Reservation Or Equality, Both Are Not For Same One

So many suicides take place in our country every day but doesn't matter to anybody, any channel, any political party.…


Women: A Flame of Revolution or Gender Inequality Rebellion

When I begin this article it was a glory for me to write about such prestigious topic but now I…

Logic Motivation Technocrat

Am I A Loser, If I Accept The Offer Letter From Google As Software Engineer?

Am I A Loser, If I Accept The Offer Letter From Google As Software Engineer? Hmmmm, Ohk I saw this…


Yes, Because I Am a Girl

Because, You are a Girl: You can't go there, 'Because you are a girl' You can't wear this, 'Because you are a girl'…


An Open Letter From a Characterless Girl to The All ‘Sita’ Kind of Girl

This is open letter might be heart many of you but the fact is fact  that girl is enemy of…

Logic Politics Tadka

Dear Kejriwal, ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ Don’t Require ‘Andh Bhakts’

I Am Not A Blind Follower (Andh Bhakts) Of Kejriwal. I Am A True Indian As You Are. Let The…


Ultimatum to Nationalism, Patriotism and Secularism

“Jai Hind Everyone” this is the statement with which I start my day in my life. Hence, I addressed you…


I Do These Stuffs But I’m Not Characterless

Because When I Do These There Is No Artificial Mask Of Sati-Savitri Character On My Face. I'm What God Made…