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Taaza Tadka

I Do These Stuffs But I’m Not Characterless

Logic admin 11 November 2016

Because When I Do These There Is No Artificial Mask Of Sati-Savitri Character On My Face. I’m What God Made Me But Not What Cheap Peoples Want To Make Me 

In India , a girl’s character identify in fact defined by her office shift , her voice , her food , her dancing hobbies , her cloths , her dream. How cheap and mental they guys are who think like this .

“If our Indian Society think a love relationship is wrong thing in our so called culture (so called because , in reality now a days this kind of culture is a kind of artificial culture) then both girl and boy should be characterless but what a shameless and hypocritical society we have .. Because they say boy is super smart and obviously stud and that girl is #Characterless because she is girl not boy , obviously . ” Wow what a great thought of our society’s warriors.

Yes I do all these .. Yes I do and I really proud to be like this because I am Me . Because when I do these there is no Artificial Mask of Sati-Savitri Character on my face. I Show myself just I am.  I’m what God made me . I’m not what some cheap and mental relatives want to make me .

“I don’t want to be Artificial Show piece or a Sex doll for others. “

 I do these 11 stuffs but I’m not Characterless :

  1. I Use Facebook Profile Picture

Some relatives always care much of you even more than your family members because as per them a girl in other relatives’ family is most important and honour fame for them.

Even though , they don’t care their own sister , friend , girl friend and not even respect their wife too. Some of my relative always tell me why do you use your picture on facebook profile ? To whom you want to show it ? Don’t use selfie picture as your facebook DP. Bla .. bla bla ..

Offfff I just want to know how many of you do effort to make understand other boys specially your friends to don’t misuse a girl picture ?

2. I Speak Loud

Speaking loud is a natural things any one can speak loud or slow its totally depend upon him.But if girls used to speak loud then they become characterless its not fair. Voice loud is totally depend upon vocal cord of human beings its not show character of any one.

3. I usually take Drink

If man can go to bar freely and take drink but no one call him characterless .Then why girls become characterless while drinking with the same boy. Taking drink its own choice it doesn’t show character of any body.

4. I do night shift 

According to some well mannered warriors ,

“A girl from a good family don’t do night shift job ” 

If any girl doing night shift it doesn’t mean that she is characterless. If a girls can do job in day time then why she could not do job in night shift .Here girl are not wrong but society and surrounding people thinking is characterless not a girl.

5. I always prefer late night movie

Going late night movie could not identify some one character. Society think that if girl have to go for movie then they should go in day time . But I am asking who had made this rule? And why this rule only for female. If they going against this rule they call characterless ?

I think that Dogs who prohibit a girl to go night movie because they start barking after seeing a girl . How they well mannered and intelligent boys they know their nature that’s why they prohibit us to prevent us.

6. I love to Dance

In today’s modern generation Dancing is become passion and carrier for youth for both boys and girls. Today’s youth are not taking dancing only for entertainment but now it had become there carrier and growth. But the fact is that if girls used to dance then our society called her character less why?  Government says that both are equal but why society is not giving equality in all field to girls. if boys can make their career in dancing then why girls can not make their career in dancing and if they make ,then they have to go against their parents ,society .and after that society give name to girls characterless ?

7. I Love a Boy 

Loving someone is natural . It not show that any one is characterless .loving means you care about some one , you respect some one . And you are free to choose some one for your self what ever you do its your choice not other . Now a day Parents giving freedom to their children to choose their life partner according them. But society call characterless when girl do this and when boy do it then it become true love and girl become characterless.
I am saying that if girl love someone then she is not characterless even society is characterless.

8. I go outside Alone 

Some time happen that no one should be in your home to go with you outside so if you have to do you work then you have to go alone but its doesn’t show that a girl is character less. Now a day every girl are becoming independent so she have full enthusiasm that she can do her work alone.

9. I Wear Jeans

Our country is independent and any one can wear any type of clothes. Then only girls are bounded on clothes that if she wear suit and pyjama then she have good character and when she wear jeans then she become characterless. In many state ban on wearing jeans but this is wrong why don’t you ban on boys thinking and clothes.

In Jharkhand, there is a small town medninagar in palamu Jila . There also wear jeans is totally banned and when there any girl used to wear jeans then Police department and political parties person gifted sarees. I am saying why any man are not bounded regarding clothes.

10. I talk with boys

Talking with boys doesn’t show a girl character. If she is talking with boys then it not reflect that she is character less. For a girl there friend can be girl or boy. It doesn’t mean that she is characterless.

11. I want to be an Entrepreneur 

India is independent country and here all are totally free to do any things according to there choice.
So either girl or boy are free to do there business in any field and grow their career. But if girls are going froward for entrepreneur then she called characterless but its totally wrong. If am doing my own business its my choice . From girls entrepreneur no one is affecting . If girl become entrepreneur then she can support to their parents family ant society and country.