Women: A Flame of Revolution or Gender Inequality Rebellion

There is 13% sits are reserved in IIT college for girls but how many rural areas girls reach in that college the ratio will be 0. What is the fault of gov.
Women: A flame of revolution or gender inequality rebellion

When I begin this article it was a glory for me to write about such prestigious topic but now I am thinking that what I am writing it’s the truth of our society.

There are many people who talk about women empowerment, equality but what is the real figure of women empowerment in our country. It is believed that India lives in the villages but this is also one bitter truth that rural areas women are not benefited by any such type of action actually in reality they even don’t know that what is their fundamental rights, women empowerment is some thing like very very very far from them.

Our nation father Mahatma Gandhi had said that real Bharat lives in Village because India is agriculture principle country. So if we really want to progress our country, if we really want to become an emerging economy. So first we have to make our females strong, independent, literate and most importantly make them so reliable that they can take their life important decision by themselves own without taking any one help till that day women empowerment will be only virtual word for us.

Now ; I would like to draw every body attention  on more things as we see that in metropolitan cities we will find that women’s  are more liberal more independent as well as more educated than rural areas women its due to following facts:-

  • When we talk about metro cities there people believe in equality as well as they are more educated they understand the value of education for both girls as well as boys.
  • In metro cities mother are educated that’s why their upbringing of children done without any indifference.
  • Rural areas where people have more want for boys rather than girls.
  • Even rural areas’ girls were not educate more due to which they were unknown with there rights.

In other countries rather than India situation of women is very pity as well as very bad like in Muslim countries even in Muslim country like Saudi Arab women don’t have right to car driving and many more things are ban for women.

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But if we look towards western countries like America, England, Germany and many other Europian countries we will find that there women’s are more free, independent and happy .

Have we ever try to find out that why this happens only to India there are many people who talk about women empowerment.

But the ground zero truth is that most of them don’t like that women are becoming more strong more powerful because at that moment there ego get heart.

People always blame to the government that government is not doing anything for the betterment of women situation but does it really true.

There is 13% sits are reserved in IIT college for girls but how many rural areas girls reach in that college the ratio will be 0.

Now what is the fault of government if many parents don’t want to educate their girl child?

So the basic root of women empowerment belongs to the mentality of the family for boys & girls.

In the Bollywood we will see that female actor  get less fee than male actors why because in the film industry most director, actor & producer thinks that female actor are not equal important than male actor female actor can’t collect crowd at the box office.

Which is completely just a disgusting thing.

This statement can be best understand by the movie Queen starter by Kangana Ranawat and Rajkumar Rao commercially film was huge success and it was small budget movie.

So now a days women’s are not less than men in any frame they can do all that work which men can do so I would like to request to all that we should support women’s to being more successful, more strong and more independent.

At last  I would like to finish the article by Indira Gandhi statement
“If we educate a boy we educate only one child but it we educate a girls we educate two dynasty”
Jai hind jai Bharat .
Neha Singh
Neha Singh