All around the world, thousands of markets have millions of tents, and an Arabic tent still lists at the top position and astonishing part of Arabic tents.

Taaza Tadka

Ultimatum to Nationalism, Patriotism and Secularism

Yes I Am Afraid That You Are Not A True Nationalist And Not Even A Secular. You Should Stop Coming On Television And Give A Broad Lecture On Nationalism,

“Jai Hind Everyone” this is the statement with which I start my day in my life. Hence, I addressed you all with this very statement. Jai Hind itself is a feeling of patriotism, nationalism, integrity and being secular. Who knows my day will be good or worst, but for me my nation comes first and will be held high with “Jai Hind”

By the above paragraph, I am sure many might have created an impression, that I am less secular or more secular. What is being secular? A person thinking more about the welfare, prosperity and well-being of his community, religion or nation. What should come first is really a matter of concern for the nation. I heard on T.V debates, for many his community comes first, for some religion, and believe me they are very few, and for most of the people of my country Nation comes first. What should be the solution to this epidemic spreading so fast without any hindrance, where many people are acting like a medium to this contagious disease?

If our MOTHER INDIA is giving us all necessary requirement, right from the food to security, liberty and freedom to speech. Do we have the right to say anything to the giver, one who gives all without any demand in return?

For instance, consider when you cried and argued with your parents to buy you a toy pistol, which you got, because it was good and amusing and brought smile on your face as well as your parents. Imagine what would had happened, if you have asked for a real pistol that can harm you, your parents or had made you a social evil. Had they given it to you, just because you wanted?

If yes I am afraid that you are not a true nationalist and not even a secular. You should stop coming on T.V and give a broad lecture on Nationalism, Patriotism, Secularism or Right to speech. But why am I saying it to you, because it’s not your fault. Neither will I blame your parents, because it might have travelled a long distance right from the beginning of your ancestors. I believe these are real cause, of a person being Nationalist, Patriotic or Secular, and thus giving the right to speech, speak or think. Hence, feeling of Nationalism and patriotism is generated and taught rather than coming from the heaven.