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I Don’t Have Any Hesitation To Call It ‘Pad’ Instead of ‘Sanitary Napkin’

Logic Preeti Mishra 27 December 2017

Aunt Was Washing Clothes On Hand-Pump In My Village And Sudden She Took A Frock In Her Hand With Red Colored Spot And Get Very Angry

Aunt was washing clothes on hand-pump in my village and sudden she took a frock in her hand with red colored spot and get very angry on her daughter ‘Roshna’. She called her and asked about this red color spot.

Roshna was full with scared and tension and after some time she replied,

‘mmmummmmy it was unknowingly, I’m sorry..’

And after this response she started crying like she did a massive mistake.

One of my cousins Rayna (London return and elder sister of Roshna) was there and starts her sympathetic action with a sweet hug to Roshna and say her that,

‘you don’t use sanitary napkin and use normal cotton cloth during your periods that’s the reason of this kind of red spot on your dress. If you want full protection and don’t want to stimulate this spot or you don’t want to show it to others then throw away the cotton cloths and old trend during these days and only use sanitary napkin because it’s healthy, hygienic, more protected and comfortable to use.’

Aunt was interrupted Rayna and say her,

‘See Rayna, in our culture there were no pad –wad. We used cloths only and in our culture if man saw this spot on the clothes of woman/girl then it’s a shameful thing. Please explain this non-sense Roshna that she can even use pad but don’t…….’

Sentence was not completed and sudden Rayna stopped her mom,

‘Shhhhsss, What wrong with you Mom pad, pad, pad what is this?’

‘Please don’t call it pad it’s too old only call it sanitary napkin otherwise people will laugh if anybody will listen and sanitary napkin they don’t understand to which we are saying’, she again added with her smile.

Aunt tried to speak sanitary napkin but couldn’t pronounce properly and said,

‘What saanne… nipkin? What are you saying not getting you, again pronounce’

‘It’s Pad aunt, nothing else you’ve to say’, I told her after my patient got loose.

I added,

‘Who will laugh Rayna? They are nobody else but same stupid and orthodox people who were defined our proud as a shameless thing.’

Actually people are hypocritical and Rayna is also same treating like those in this condition because Rayna is afraid that people will laugh if I say it ‘Pad’ so give it standard name which is nothing else but ‘sanitary napkin’.

Yes, those people who still define our proud moment as a shameless thing don’t laugh on ‘sanitary napkin’ until these orthodox don’t understand the meaning of ‘sanitary napkin’ but once they will be aware with this term you’ll again start hesitate to pronounce this word too.

So please understand that, the real problem is not the word ‘Pad’ but problem is only and only orthodox thing. Even if you are feeling shame to use this word ‘pad’ then don’t expect to those people because once they’ll get cleared what about the ‘sanitary napkin’ they will start laugh again.

And dear all, Sanitary napkin is not a high level and standard word but it is just a solution to express your word in the different way. That’s it.

It’s actually represent girl’s hypocrisy and orthodox thinking of those so called girl who are feeling shame to saying this proud word ‘Pad’.

Yes, I wear ‘Pad’ and whenever I wear I feel proud to be a girl/woman.

Preeti Mishra

Preeti Mishra

Content Writer | Foodie | Motivator | Political Analyst