Yes, Because I Am a Girl

I am a girl and I am proud to be one. And today I just wanna say few things which I think every girls want to say. If your dirty eyes

Because, You are a Girl:

You can’t go there, ‘Because you are a girl’ You can’t wear this, ‘Because you are a girl’
You can’t have friends who are boys,’Because you are a girl’
You can’t abuse,’Because you are a girl’
You can’t party, because you are a girl”
And a lot more…. Blah-blah-blah.

I know I am a Girl:

I know that I am a girl,you don’t need me to tell me so at every step of my life. And because I am a girl I know my limits, I know what is good and what is bad for me, I know where I should go and with whom and I know what I should wear and when I need to abuse.

I don’t need your consent and permission before doing anything. I will not become or behave as you say because I am a girl.

This country is beyond my intelligence, a girl can be raped in public but she can’t go out with boys who are just friends.

Here people openly talk about physics of a girl and that’s completely OK but talking about periods become a shameful thing to do.

In India a rapist is not that much judged and trolled where as a girl is done so if she is seen enjoying with her friends at night or is wearing a short dress.

Everyday girls are judged, they are compared and made fun off. And this is a shameful thing not that.

I am a girl and I am proud to be one:

And today I just wanna say few things which I think every girls want to say…..

“Yes, I wear short dress because I feel comfortable in it but if still I decide to wear a stole on my top in this extremely hot summer,it’s not because I am afraid of society and it’s taunts, it’s because if your dirty eyes rolling down my chest when I pass away.

“Yes, I go wherever I want to, with anyone I want to. I go out with my friends and that includes boys too, because I trust them and I know they are my friends,they respects me and they don’t me on the basis of the clothes I wear or according to my body size or shape. I feel comfortable with them,I feel safe with them.

“Yes, I abuse but only when I have controlled a lot and now I can’t put my emotions to a pause. When I am tried of being good enough and when I just want to say what I feel like.

“Yes, I party with my friends. I laugh,I enjoy with them in public but if still I am keeping my parents number on my speed dial because I can’t trust you, I can’t take a risk and I know if something happens, there will be no one to help me,I have to help myself.

In my daily life I go through “A LOT…..”

Because I am a Girl:

A lot of restrictions but I respect them, ‘Because I am a girl’.

• A lot of people staring at me when I return back from school in a skirt but I keep my eyes straight and be proud of who I am,  ‘Because I am a girl’.
• A lot of responsibilities but I don’t complain,  ‘Because I am a girl’.
• A lot of view points about my future but I stand bold and take my own decisions,  ‘Because I am a girl’.
• A lot of people whom I hate because they try to control my life, I confront them I respect them too, ‘Because I am a girl’
• A lot of fake smiles which I carry everyday because I can’t see people who care about me, worrying about me, ‘Because I am a girl’

Yes, I am a Girl:

I am a girl and I know the meaning of respect and dignity that’s why I don’t try to be rude because I know how it feels when someone is bad at you.

I am everyday compared with others that’s why I see on the basis of his abilities and not compare them with anyone because I know how it feels when you are compared.

I am everyday judged on the basis on my body size ,shape and colour, but I be comfortable with it, I feel proud of it, but you know what it hurts, it really hurts, that’s why I see everyone as Humans not as shape or size.

          “AND A LOT MORE……”

I go through these things every single day of my life but I smile, I hear it,I ignore it, I be bold,I try to make others happy,but I cry,I feel ashamed of myself,but still I be strong,I stand for others,I be proud of who I am,I be myself….


Manasi Agrawal
Manasi Agrawal