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Dear Dalits/Women, Either Demand Reservation Or Equality, Both Are Not For Same One

Sorry Boss.. Both Are Not For One Person. Either Demand Equality Or Demand Reservation. Because Reservation And Equality Both Terms Opposite To Each Other
Logic Preeti Mishra 14 November 2017

So many suicides take place in our country every day but doesn’t matter to anybody, any channel, any political party. But when a suicide happens in India and the Victim is Dalit, then the real politics starts. All parties jump into the battle of sympathy and Dalit’s rights.

I’m not saying this is not wrong thing whatever happened with Rohit Vemula but why only Rohit Vemula? HR ministry didn’t care about the applications, letters, request by Vemula and team but it doesn’t imply we should avoid other students’ suicide.

Karnataka election is coming and even date has been finalized. But politics has not been finalized and it won’t be ever.

Yeah, it’s true its fact. ‘Azaadi of JNU’s Kanhaiya’ to ‘Reservation demand by Hardik Patel’, everywhere we can see politics. Actually Kanhaiya Kumar says they are demanding Azaadi and don’t want caste system. Ohh Helloooo.. What you guys are doing? Using the name of ‘Dalit’ you are just doing politics yeah because if you really wanted to upward standard of Dalit you just simply don’t demand reservation too.

You talk about equality but demand reservation too that simply means you are hypocritical person.

In reservation one caste or religion or position get benefit without eligibility.

And Indian government always does that too. SC/ST reservation, OBC reservation, women reservation, Muslim reservation, blab la blab la.. why why why ? If you are demanding reservation that simply means you are demanding inequality.

I’ve mentioned Hardik Patel and Kanhaiya Kumar don’t imply that same thing is not doing by upper class people or other side. Same thing happens by second team. They don’t want reservation but not ready to give equality to women, lower caste people, muslim religion. And that’s the simple reason of these stupid politics by very intelligent leaders like, Owaisi, Yogi, Mayawati, Kanhaiya, Hardik Patel, etc.

Sorry boss.. both are not for one person. Either demand equality or demand reservation.

Because reservation and equality both terms opposite to each other. So don’t be fool by these extra intelligent leaders. It’s nothing but only and only politics.

Here’re some hypocritical facts;

Kanhaiya Kumar talking about Azaadi while begging from same people:

Sorry boss, but Kanhaiya don’t talk about rights he always talk like he want reservation for them who are actually not eligible. When Kanhaiya says, lower caste are molesting by upper caste. Dear if you really want equality don’t beg reservation and in fact ask upper caste people to compete lower caste people.

You should say,

“we don’t want reservation, we want equality, we want azaadi so that we can prove ourselves”.

Because when you start begging of reservation that simply highlight your hypocrisy and ineligibility in the same sector and post which you demand reservation to.  And then you start to be molested by eligible and upper caste people. No I’m not saying everybody in upper caste people are eligible but the way you are using is the way that highlight this non-sensible thing. Sorry don’t mind but its bitter truth.

People who are demanding reservation actually shows their ineligibility and lower criteria to the second team or community.

What are you speaking about your vision and what are you doing is totally differ.  Your activity is one of the main factors of 2014-17 politics and crucially used by our politician. It’s you who are actually working as main enemy of your community.

Hardik Patel demands for Patel reservation while world know Patel community working as the most successfully not only in Gujarat but all over the world:

More than 300,000 members of India’s Patel community have staged a rally in Gujarat and demanding better access to jobs and education in the leadership of Hardik Patel.

While if we open our eyes and look onto the facts provided by world, The Patel is most popular used surnames in UK. Here’s not the end, according to a study top 500 British surnames 20th Patel comes.

Second thing, as Hardik Patel said he doesn’t belong from any political firm either BJP or Congress. But he is now over controlled on his ego and going to support Indian National Congress Party. Congress is the party, ruled India most of the time as a leadership of Prime Minister who belong from Congress. Before three years Hardik Patel was not happy at all because of central government means UPA-2 government. But now he is happy to join the hand of congress. This actually indicates the reality of an opportunist and a hypocritical politician Hardik Patel.

Women say they are equal to men but demands for women reservation:

Women empowerment, girl empowerment, women rights and lots of other terms we often listen by many social activists and politicians. Yes, women empowerment is necessary thing for our society but that doesn’t mean reservation. In giving reservation to a woman shows that she is not able to get that chance by her own talent.

What’s the solution?

Reservation is not the solution in 21st century while the only solution is equality.

  1. In Gujarat election dalit politics, in UP election hindu-musalman target, in Rajshthan election women and girl target. Why? The worst thing is after election every politicians forget about Ram mandir, caste reservation or women violence and gender equality. Common public should avoid these cheap kinds of politics and election strategy.

  2. Muslim community should avoid aggressive and hate speech by community leaders and so called muslim well wishers. Hindus are not targeting Muslim but only our politician are playing game as a gambler and you convinced guys are just a playing card for them. Same thing should follow by Hindu community.

  3. If you support women empowerment that simply means you should give them opportunity not reservation. And then they will show that they are actually equal to the men.

  4. A girl should not ask any girl quota or women reservations. In fact they should prove others that they are equal to the boy.


Equality, Reservation like all terms will automatically be solve when our so called Indian politician stop to be a part in this matter. Even why politicians only in fact we all , we Indians, we common people must have to take care of it. We should take an initiative that, we don’t make fool ourselves by these clever politician. These people can only talk about Ram Mandir, Babri Maszid, Taj Mahal, Dalits, General, Cow, Beaf and some time matter of women reservation.

Just ask yourself that whether you want reservation and show others that you are not eligible or you want to prove yourself by your eligibility. Decide yourself what you actually want.

Preeti Mishra

Preeti Mishra

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