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The Nonsense of Nepotism – Unseen Facts Behind the Facts

What the ‘nepotism’ boycotting gang means is that the sons and daughters of famous fathers shouldn’t take any advantages.
Logic Baba Ghantanand 7 September 2020
The Nonsense of Nepotism - Unseen Facts Behind the Facts

In today’s era, you can expect an elephant laying an egg! Millenniums back, Lord Rama had told that ‘ऐसा कलजुग आएगा हंस चुगेगा दाना और कौआ मोती खायेगा!’ If foul-mouth was not enough, social media added fuel to the fire. Social media is a platform that enables even a gormless fellow to shout out and abuse a page3 celebrity. ‘Nepotism’ is one such spark lit by nonsense and jobless netizens and fanned by shitty news anchors.

Kangana Ranaut is in the epicenter of the baseless and stupid trend of ‘nepotism’. While she herself enjoyed the ‘quota’ once when she was taking some competitive exam, today, Miss Opportunist is all her ways to blame highly talented actors and actresses.

While her 80% movies are flop, the only ones with the ‘superhit’ tag is with Hrithik Roshan, the torchbearer of nepotism, according to her! Furthermore, he was the same who she had ‘so called’ dated and then enjoyed mudslinging on.

If we believe the paid ‘two rupee’ trollers and get rid of nepotism, let’s start boycotting from the beginning; let’s then get on to the present generation of Tiger Shroff. It should then start with boycotting …

Tuneless music director R D Burman
Cacophonic singer Amit Kumar
Pathetic actor Hrithik Roshan
Nonsense director Raj Kapoor
Terrible singer Lata Mangeshkar… and the list goes on.

Isn’t it? Even my fingers were shaking while typing those adjectives before the legendary personalities. Even further, let’s extend the definition of nepotism; why consider only those fathers from the film industries? Let’s consider all the fathers who were celebrities; they might have influenced fraternities from Bollywood to launch their kids? If I consider that, the list can be extended with kids of famous fathers –

Amitabh Bachchan – person with horrible acting
Deepika Padukone – lady with nonsense expressions
Priyanka Chopra – Hollywood opportunist …and the list goes on.

Even further, if nepotism is all about ‘father’s influence’, why just restrict our detest to only Bollywood? Here I am giving the list of those whose fathers played a significant role in contributing their expertise to the country. Let’s boycott them all if all trolls have balls.

Mukesh Ambani
Mallika Sarabhai
Sania Mirza …and again, the list goes on here (https://ew.com/celebrity/stars-and-their-famous-fathers/), internationally!

What the ‘nepotism’ boycotting gang means is that the sons and daughters of famous fathers shouldn’t take any advantages. In other words, Mukesh and Anil Ambani should have headed to seek jobs in some companies leaving their father’s empire!

That way, the idiom ‘like father, like son’ shouldn’t exist.

It’s sheer nonsense!

Nepotism may help the star kids ‘launch’, but then they need to carry their own career on their own shoulders. If you don’t work hard, the industry or market is not going to accept your shit.

Abhishek Bachchan couldn’t his father’s legacy, but Hrithik Roshan did.
Bappi Lahiri couldn’t carry his father’s legacy, but R D Burman did.
Nitin Mukesh couldn’t, but Amit Kumar did.
Anil Ambani couldn’t, but Mukesh did!

If we go by the boycotting gangs on the Internet, 80% of Indian doctors should not make their sons and daughters medical professionals and carry on their legacies. Because most of the doctors want their progenies to be a doctor and run their clinics or hospitals.

Likewise, 100% of businesspersons in India want their kids to take over their business which is built with a lot of efforts and hard working. Their kids, according to nepotism boycotting gangs,
should leave their fathers high and dry and should opt for a 10000 rupee salary job!

So, if you are boycotting nepo-kids, boycott industrialists, politicians, and sportspersons.

Finally, all the muttonhead trollers with shit in brains, your father’s influence may help you in getting launched, but then it’s your efforts, your volition that gets you keep going. If you don’t perform, you’ll be thrown out of whatever industry you are in.