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Why Should You be Proud that You are a Woman?

Nothing Can Make You More Proud To Be A Woman When Your Gender Despite Such Bullying And Discrimination In The Initial School Stage Itself
Logic Ambalika Dwivedi 7 March 2018

Why are you holding a tag of pride to be born as a woman? I mean, is this seriously a question? In this era where woman are in full swing to be shoulder to shoulder to all the men out there and be kick-ass at everything they do, how can we even raise a question on their growth?


Women are a beautiful creation and are becoming the strongest gender to deal with every problem that comes their way, alone. We have a unique identity in ourselves and that my friend is incomparable. Men are sure defined my their toughness and male ego but this is not about comparison and leading. We are the creators and our number is supposed to be in plenty and this one mere reason is enough to be proud to be a woman.


Yes, we do bleed which is our way of telling the world that we are pure and we can be future mothers. Its not easy to take the pain every month for few days and not die. It is not that contented as it may sound.


We are defined by twice the effort and hard work we put in everything we do. Regardless of whether the woman is a professional or a full time home maker, our hard work straight has no boundaries. We do everything from managing the family to planning the kitchen to make ends meet.


It is not wrong to believe that woman happen to be more creative than our men at every other aspect. No matter how much we deny the gender discrimination in the modern era, it still exists hugely. Thus, we keep finding new ways to display the qualities imbibed in us to prove everything that we deserve equally or more than a man a does.


Nothing can make you more proud to be a woman when your gender despite such bullying and discrimination in the initial school stage itself is graduating at a higher number, to be precise, 21% more than the male graduating. Now this empowers us and motivates us to do and get better in all the spheres we take up.


This is quite obvious with what we go through in our daily routine. We become emotionally as well as mentally strong to face any challenge that awaits to trouble us. Our foundation has made us so used to our problems that now that is a challenge to win not a problem to take us down.


Women have got multiple options, be it dresses or footwear or any normal touch up to look beautiful. Women are actually beautiful in and out without anything they do but this opens various options to actually look more glamours than the men.

This Women’s Day I can say,

Dear Women! Be proud of everything that you own. Everything varying from your body, your features, your lifestyle and most importantly, your own being. You are the most beautiful creation and you should know it. Had you not been here, the world would not have been a place worth living and thus you have all the powers to make yourself more capable with every skill that you have. You are not supposed to prove yourself every now and then because you are a creation of its own kind which speaks of its power with all the actions done. This woman’s day, I wish more power to you. You are phenomenal. Trust yourself more and more everyday and be proud of it.


Ambalika Dwivedi

Ambalika Dwivedi

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