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Why Is A Ganesha Art Loved So Much In India ? Here Are The Logical Reasons

Logic angela.hooper2016 8 June 2018

India, a land of many religions have been a home to numerous Ganesha art forms for thousands of years. People here take inspiration from these miraculous tales of deities and believe in these religious epics a lot.

Maybe that’s why a majority of artists took epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata as their main subject matter. A lot of paintings, dance forms, sculptures and other arts originated here and some of them are still inspiring the artists of our time.

Talking of deities, there is one Hindu God, who is loved and adored more than anyone. He has an elephant head and body of a human. His name is Lord Ganesha. He is the son of Parvati and Lord Shiva.

He was not born but was made by Parvati via her sandalwood paste to guard the door while she was away bathing. In the meantime, Shiva who was unaware of the creation of Ganesha was stopped at the door.

This lead to a ferocious battle between Shiva and Ganesha resulting into the beheading of latter.

Parvati after realizing what happened told Shiva to bring him back to life. It was there when Shiva failing to find a human head, put the head of an elephant and revived Ganesha. He was then showered with blessing and power from Shiva and other Gods, making Ganesha a mighty figure. This is the story of how Ganesha become Lord Ganesha. But how does beautiful Ganesha art influences the lives of people and why do artists and art lovers adore his paintings so much? This blog is going to give you a walk through the reasons to why Ganesha paintings are so much in demand. Let’s take a look:

Ganesha is considered auspicious for new beginnings

Whether you are buying a new car, laptop, and house or starting a new business, or anything about to begin, Lord Ganesha is the deity you devote to. Ganesha in Hindu religion is the deity who brings luck to the new beginnings. People starting a new shop, office, job or similar venture never fails to praise Ganesha. Ganesha paintings are hence considered as a lucky charm to be hanged in the new place. Also, people love to gift these exquisite Ganesha paintings on the events such as the inauguration of the new home, baby shower, Bhoomi pujan and so on. Artists in today’s time are blending the abstract art style with the traditional form to produce some breath-taking paintings. People purchase and gift these Ganesha paintings to bring a positive vibe to the entire ambiance.

Ganesha is considered good for students

Out of the many attributes that Lord Ganesha holds, concentration is his trademark. When it comes to choosing a painting for your kid’s room, no painting other than of Ganesha is more appropriate. Ganesha is known for its wisdom and strong focus. Purchasing Ganesha artwork for your kid’s room can elevate the entire aura. It can help your kid to focus more (figuratively) and get inspiration from Ganesha.

Ganesha is witty and humble

People often get amazed by the tales of Ganesha as a child. His intelligence and wisdom are known to all. Having a mesmerizing artwork of Ganesha can really spiritualize the vibes in your surroundings. If you are opening a new business, then place the scintillating paintings of Ganesha on a wall space that is visible from the maximum place. The humbleness of Ganesha will inspire you to be respectful and his wittiness will offer you a sense of joy. The entire aura completely gets transformed for your office, home, or any other place.

Ganesha erodes issues

Lord Ganesha rides a rat reflects a very important message. Since rats are recognized as inauspicious and disgusting, nobody wants them. The rats here are a figurative proverb for the problems in your life that you face every day or the bottlenecks that are holding your growth. Ganesha is considered as the ultimate problem remover. People believe that having a Ganesha painting or any art form will keep them away from unprecedented problems. The symbolic meaning of Ganesha riding a rat is simply that he takes away your problem and ride on it as a rat. Hence, people never ever miss a chance to get their hands on the eye-captivating Ganesha paintings.

Wrapping up

Bring a Ganesha artwork in your home or office and see how strikingly beautifully it raises the ambiance. You can approach a brick & mortar gallery or just pull your phone out and order the paintings online. Find an authentic online gallery that can satiate your art’s expectations in close precision. Ganesha is there for you. Thanks!