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Think Twice, Are You Really Secular Or Ravaging Any Religion?

Logic Abirami ramamoorthy 8 October 2018

I am an Indian secular, but when something happens to my religion, I will come to the road and protest. Dude, what’s the point in calling yourself as a secular? India is a land of cultural heritage and religious customs. You love your religion. Good…. Well and good… but who gave you the right to ditch the other religion. My dear Indians, secularism is not calling other faiths and their beliefs as idiotic and praising your religion.

Not being biased even when someone accuses your religion and taking a stand on the right is what we can genuinely call as secular. Let’s have a look;


The most pathetic stage is people follow kinds of stuff from decades but they not aware of the idea. If you ask the reason behind most of the religious believes in India the common answers people would give is;

“from our ancestor’s period, we are doing this”

All they have is who the one has set this and not why they have fixed this. Did God ever ask them to do this for him? Many unproven scientific facts later got developed to match this superstition. Just give one valid reason rather the same old myths.

The is the problem with people. You say you respect all religion and their customs. But isn’t your temper going high when you hear about Babar Masjid issue? Do you feel that the place belongs to your religious community and the other religion has no right to claim for their reasons?

Then, I am too sorry to tell this, and there is no difference between you and the people who do an inhuman activity in the name of religion, this is the point where the problem starts.

If you start to feel that injustice is happening to your faith, then you are religious, not secular.


Even pure Islamic countries like the gulf are not stopping the customs of other religion and who are you to tell Muslim not to eat beef. Touch your heart and tell the truth, do only Muslims eat beef in India? If you don’t like their customs, please stay away. You’re not invited to ditch it. For I am a Muslim, and I call myself a secular. But I don’t accept your prasad nor your Kumkum when you can wear my cap. Again, you’re not a secular. The problem is not only with Hindu’s and Muslim. When people from every other religion indirectly accepts changing water into wine is a miracle, we often ridicule astrology and simple Hindu customs as stupidity. People you must grow up and throw away their double standards.

If religions are set up to bring out the culture in people in people, then all they need is self-ethics and not Dogma to follow things blindly in the name of god.


Many don’t understand the meaning of the secularism. Pride is not in showing the world that our country encompasses voluminous religions and culture, it about how to respect you have towards other respect and feeling. None of the religious books conveys to disrespect different beliefs. When Christians accepts changing water into wine is a miracle, what are the point into ridicule astrology and simple Hindu customs as stupidity. People you have to grow up and throw away their double standards.


All Indians are my brothers and sister. We all have said this sentence many times in our life. Do we mean it? Are you bold enough to this to your own family when they stop you bringing your Muslim or Christian to home because they are non-vegetarians? At some point, you have to step out from your house and meet the outside world with the mixture of Vegan and Non-vegetarians. Can you stop them being around you? And what difference it makes in bringing them to your home. Follow the facts and not the myths which brings partition.


An atheist is far better than you. He doesn’t show any difference in any religion. He equally disapproves every single religious belief. But you in the name of respecting all the prayers you indirectly provoke violence. There is a silent scream inside you whenever you see your religion getting mocked.


Every time we are thought as every religion is the same. We praise the god in different forms but now I would like to put forward a question to you all. Can you tell me a difference between a Quran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita and other religious books other than they belong to a Muslim, Christian and a Hindu? Ultimately every religion says the same thing. If you are still able to find the difference, then please think twice before calling yourself as a secular human.

Abirami ramamoorthy

Abirami ramamoorthy

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