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True Relations – A Wholehearted Connection Between Two Souls

True Relations Are Belongings, Something That Defines The Bonds That We Share Amongst Us. It Is A Treasure In Our Lives That Keeps Us Alive

True Relations are belongings, something that defines the bonds that we share amongst us. It is a treasure in our lives that keeps us alive and constantly gives strength to believe in us to step forward every time. We build a certain kind of relation with everybody we come across. But do we value it? Does it matter always?

As times have changed, so has our priorities, our lifestyle and every other thing associated with it. In order to understand relations, I have a rule-book that is a must follow :


Not every time will you come across situations or people you are supposed to understand worth of. Not every time will you realise that a cup of coffee with someone will be missed some day. We get tied to all kinds of relations every now and then. Some relations are imbibed from blood while some are made as the ship of our life sails ahead. But have you ever wondered why do we loose them in our hearts despite having physically by our side? Because we don’t value them.

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We are born and our creators, our very own parents literally get down to their knees to do wonders in our lives. At times, doing things they aren’t capable of. Why do they do it then? To many reading this, may sound as a solemn responsibility, something they are supposed to do so as to be called parents. But NO. Parents value their parenthood. There are many who become parents but don’t have enough to feed their children. So next time, when your father takes you to a movie or your mother prepares your favourite dish, appreciate their efforts. Because it’s only you who can make them smile.


Relations don’t become in a day. It takes a special beat in your heart when you want to be with someone, understand them and appreciate their little efforts. Your friends, relatives or people around you can make you feel special with anything. It can vary from being at your hardest times, to an unplanned hangout to a normal call at times you were low. It takes nothing from you making an effort and telling them that it meant to you. In fact that makes that relation even stronger.

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We don’t realise that appreciations lift us, boosts us and pushes us to do make those efforts time and again.


Positivity takes you ahead whenever you stick to it. It gives you the best results, though late it may be. It goes true with maintaining our relationships too. We build a relation and we think things are going to be the same way for the rest of our lives. A straight NO! Things change. Lives take a turn. What we are supposed to do is be positive for everyone associated with us. Maybe something said unintentionally today is taken as wrong and did become a cause of split of a relation.

Its true that words said cannot be taken back but that doesn’t imply to kill a relation just in that thought. Good people are few. Treasure them. Thank them for being there for you. This busy world doesn’t ask for people to be linked. Its you who can prove them wrong.

Value relations for they don’t come with a price tag but once lost cannot be recovered, only can its absence felt. Don’t find purpose to be good.. its you who can make it or break it. The World has enough of breaking, so make it.😊



Ambalika Dwivedi

Ambalika Dwivedi

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