How To Turn Your Man Into The Most Romantic Guy In The World

Romance Relationship Success - Guaranteed! Ok, so you are dating a guy you really like, but hell could he do with a lesson or two in romance!
How to turn your man into the most romantic guy in the world and create

Romance Relationship Success – Guaranteed!

OK, so you are dating a guy you really like, but hell could he do with a lesson or two in romance!

Here’s the ultimate romance relationship phase 1:

First things first. Heard the saying “give a dog a good name”?

Don’t miss an opportunity to tell him how romantic he is!

Tell him often! Tell him for the smallest of reasons. Let him know you LOVE how romantic he is.

Reward him there and then with a kiss.

He opens the door for you… STOP.

“Andy, I LOVE that about you!” Squeal with delight. Give him a kiss. “You’re such a gentleman! You’re so romantic!” THEN walk through the door!

This is the secret of creating a romance relationship if the romance is lacking your relationship at the moment. Give him the “romantic man” title!

You’ve run out of paper-clips and he goes out and buys you some? “Oh Andy!!” Squeal with delight. Give him a kiss. “You’re the best! It’s the little things that count. You’re so romantic!”

He offers to make you a cup of coffee? “Andy, I’d love one!” Squeal with delight. Give him a kiss. “I know I tell you this a lot, but I feel like i’m the luckiest girl in the world! You’re so romantic!”

Get the point?

That’s how to create a romance relationship!

Soon enough, he will be formulating plans and ideas of his own to keep up and maintain his image of being the most romantic guy in the world for you. Just give him that title first.

Ok, so now you’ve got him on “I’m the most romantic guy in the universe” auto-pilot. The romance relationship you want is within grasp…

What next?

Here’s the ultimate romance relationship phase 2:


He forgets to open a door for you? Don’t say a word until you are through the door and at least 5 minutes have elapsed. And when you do, you say it with a warm genuine smile. “Andy I’m surprised. It’s not like you.”

Chances are he won’t even have a clue what you are talking about. In fact, he’ll probably be wondering what the hell you are going to have a go at him about.

“Err… what? What have I done?”

“It’s nothing important…” Give him a kiss. “I’m just so used to you being such a gentleman and opening the door for me. You’re the most romantic guy in the world.”

Lap up the apologies.

This may all sound a bit manipulative right?

Well think about the manipulative tactics of men, when trying to woo a woman!

The internet is full of e-books and advice for men, not on how to inject romance into a relationship, but on on how to manipulate and seduce women!

Yes, it’s a bit manipulative, but you DO want that romance relationship right?

And with a romance relationship as the goal, it’s a win/win scenario.

Look at it as teaching your man how to be more romantic and how to create a romance relationship that you can both enjoy. When you do that, you will realise it’s manipulation towards better happiness, and a better romance relationship with your partner. That’s certainly worth the effort!

Anyhow, let’s continue…

He forgets an important day? Don’t say a thing. Keep your romance relationship goal in mind.

Whatever you do, DON’T GET ANGRY! No point in screaming, ranting and raving. No “how could you, you insensitive swine!” No tears.

Same romance relationship rules apply.

Smile, even though it might be hard to. Even if you feel like throttling him. Take a deep breath, smile, and make it genuine. “Andy I’m really surprised” Give him a kiss. “I didn’t think you’d forget today. You’re usually so romantic. In fact, I always tell myself I’m so lucky to be with the most romantic man in the world. Happy Anniversary sweetheart.”

Then give him your gift to show him YOU didn’t forget.

Believe it, if you want him to feel like the worst person on this planet – THAT will do it far better than any screaming, shouting or cursing (additionally, it won’t destroy the romance relationship you are working hard to create like screaming, shouting, or cursing would.)

Wait for the excuses. Chances are they will be probably something like “Wha?? Oh Jeez!” followed by “actually, do you think I could forget? No way baby. I’ve got you something that you’re gonna love. But I’ve left it at the office.”

If he does come out with something like that, don’t challenge it with a “no you haven’t you dirty lying rat! You’re gonna go out and buy something now aren’t you? You forgot! Just admit it!!” kind of response.

That’s a no-no

Always keep in mind, you are out to CREATE a romance relationship, not to destroy it.

Instead, squeal with delight. Give him a kiss. “I knew you wouldn’t forget! You really are so romantic!” and a few more kisses thrown in for good measure.

Then wait and see what he goes out and buys you. Chances are it will probably be an even better gift than what you might have originally received to compensate for his guilt factor.

Here’s the ultimate romance relationship phase 3:

This one’s short but vital.

If you are serious about creating a romance relationship and teaching your guy a lesson in romance – Stay Ahead of the game! Make sure you NEVER forget an important date or occasion. You don’t want your “most romantic guy in the world” thinking “She doesn’t give two hoots about me – why am I running around like a stupid ass for her?”

Here’s the ultimate romance relationship phase 4:

Buy him small gifts, at least once a month, to show him how much you appreciate all his efforts.

Yes, a romance relationship HAS to work both ways. If you expect him to show you romance in the relationship, you have to be romantic yourself. You are just as responsible for romance in a romance relationship as your partner is.

So do buy him small gifts too.

An aftershave, a book… anything. But make sure the message in the gift card leaves no doubt as to the reason for the gift e.g.

“To Andy,

The most romantic man in the world.

Just to say Thank You for all the wonderful

Things you do that make me feel so special xx”

Follow these gems of advice and without fail you will have set the wheels of turning your man into the most romantic man in the world, in motion.

As for your romance relationship? You will catapult it into the realms of a dream-book romance relationship – Guaranteed!

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