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Top 10 Secret of A Girl, They Never Share With Anyone

A Girl Can’t Be Understand By A Common Person And Sometime Other Girls Also. Boyfriend To Physical Relation, Bed To Bathroom, Period To Feelings

Top Secret of girls, they never share to any one:

From top  to bottom from friendship to boyfriend from date to sex and to make up. Every girls or women are bundle of Secret and they hold in her heart all top Secret of her life which she never shared to any one but here I am sharing with you all their top Secret which you must know.

1. Make-up kits:

If you ever wondered how she manages to look so pretty all day long, it is obvious that you haven’t seen where she keeps all of her cosmetic back-up. Girl never share to any one about their make up and look. Even  ever you ask her about her look her reply will very simple.

2. About craziness and madness on bed:

She will never say she wants it. She may seduce you, to do. While hot session in the bedroom, remember that she wants it as badly too but she never say you. Automatically you have to be in fast gear.

3. About her past ex:

If a girl has a boyfriend before marriage, whether it will be one or many girls after marriage, you will never want to tell her husband about it. But girls do not tell anything.

4. After marriage, things have to face problems due to her husband:

She does not tell anyone about it. But it is possible for a limit. If the husband becomes more distraught, then the girls become very aggressive, then God himself can not even stop it sometime.

5. The details of period:

They  never talk to men about their period. Due to her shyness or feeling embrace they never tell about there period starting in office or in family.

6. Personal life talk:

Girls never tell anyone about their personal life. Because all this has to be done in compulsion. The reason is simply that; in countries like India women are respected by their character. Therefore, girls themselves will never reveal the character themselves.

7.  Father’s secret:

Girls are the most loyal to your mother and father. Regardless of how it behaved with the rest of the people. He does not tell anyone about the horrors between mother and father.

8. When other guys hit on her:

One thing that they never tell guys, especially if they were  in a relationship with a guy, is if another guy hit on her. She never share this activity to her boyfriend. Because every girls like attention of guys.

 9. Love to show off:

A girl never admit that she actually want to show-off to everyone. Specially to a handsome guy and her own friend circle of girls. She always want to impress others so that she can get attention from them.

10. About the illness:

If the girl has any disease, she does not tell her husband as soon as she believes that due to her husband the husband will not have problems. Friends, follow us just for the rest of the news for today.

Rupanjali Upadhyay

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