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Conjoined Twins ‘Spider Sisters’ Got Unconditional Love, Married To The Same Man

Jasimuddin Ahmad Has Done Great Work Because To Love Such Personality Is Not Normal For Any Person But He Done It. And Ganga, Jamuna Finally Got Their Love

Love includes feeling for the other that goes beyond any selfishness or self-interest on the part of the loved one. As such, love nurtures and has a positive effect on each person’s self-esteem and sense of well-being. Love never involves deception, because misleading another person fractures his or her sense of reality.

Here I am not talking about the love but the true, unconditional love which happens between conjoined twins from India and Jasimuddin Ahmad.

A poor sister finally got their love and life. Conjoined sister also knows as “Spider Sister”. They were from Kolkata and belong to poor family. When they were born there parents not go to see them because of there conjoined body. Ganga and Yamuna have two hand ,two head ,two chest but one waist and leg.

They were joined from waist and lower part. And also they have two heart so they also want to love someone but due to there body they want such a person who love both of them from deep if heart . Finally one day they found there love one in same  circus in which both of them were.

Jasimuddin Ahmadis sound engineer in circus in which  Ganga and Yamuna worked.


Jasimuddin Ahmad said that he enjoyed with Ganga and Yamuna lot.

“We spent lot of time together. We spent quality time together. We talk together late night” .

Ganga and Yamuna said that Jasimuddin Ahmad personality is very good. They love him very much. They love to spent time together. Jasimuddin Ahmad is a teacher instead he live us that a true love.

Due to physically problem of Ganga and Yamuna no one care about them even family left them alone  and society  also at that time Jasimuddin Ahmad is with them.

Image Courtesy: Barcroft India

Jasimuddin Ahmadagain added  that,

“For us love is not only the physical relationship but love is only for caring and respect for each other full life time”.

Though he can’t get married with Ganga and Yamuna but life time believe them and care them.

For Ganga and Jamuna Jasimuddin Ahmad is like ‘Mr. India’ Barcroft India and they also called him ‘Mr India’.

Image Courtesy: Gistmania

Jasimuddin Ahmad has done great work because to love such  personality is not normal for any person but he done it. I really admire him and salute him for this unconditional love toward Ganga and Yamuna.

Like Jasimuddin Ahmadall of we try to love people like Ganga and Yamuna then no one be in this world alone. So we should try to help and Love physically affected people.

Rupanjali Upadhyay

Rupanjali Upadhyay

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