Can Psychopaths and Sociopaths Have Feelings or Fall in Love ?

What do think, when its about just a enjoyment, joy and time-pass, sociopath can love. They are people who can put on great show and act in loving ways.

What do think, Can  Psychopaths and Sociopaths Fall  in Love ?

People classified as sociopaths are not necessarily completely away of the emotions and may fall in love . They are people who likely less fall in love and feel in emotions. Therefore we are to call them  a sociopath. As we people living on this earth has however emotions and fall in love with  someone. As its the nature kind to experience it once in of life when he/  she go between the line of this and that extreme. And  here, if we go with the extreme example of a sociopath who can’t experience love, well. By definition, they can’t fall in love  sociopaths are also fake they even act like they are in love. To the outside world , it looks like they love. Sociopath is a person who lacks empathy and has antisocial personality disorder, apart from others and separate from the rules and names of society . If we manipulate the definition of love the way sociopaths. Manipulate people then sure, sociopaths can love. When love is a feeling of fascination or power rather than an emotion , sociopaths can love . When love is a word rather than a feeling sociopath can love .

To be sociopath , true love is a love of

  • Him/herself
  • Power
  • Playing
When its about just a enjoyment , joy and time-pass , sociopath can love . They are people who can put on great show and act in loving ways. When love is deep and complex  emotion, a feeling of fondness, tenderness ,bonding  and connection between human being no, a sociopath cannot love . Psychopath a very popular type of person …… he is man , typically in his 205 or early 30’s. Whose coldness and lack of remorse compiles him to commit sadistic acts , including murder…… Psychopath takes many forms, including the sub-threshold variety in which people score high on personality tests that measure psychopathic tendencies ,it not behaviour.

Why sociopaths fall in love? 

Sociopaths can fall in love when  they feel the only by his own definition of love, a manipulation uncaring , unemotional kind of love The best way to get love of sociopath is to give them love When love is said easily by the lips best not felt by heart , sociopaths can love .When love is a feeling of fascination or power rather than real emotions, they can love .When love is a shallow lie to for personal gain rather than an emotion . When love is synonymous with sex and sex is nothing other than momentary and meaningless physical pleasure, then sociopaths can love .When love involves pretending , a role to gain something for yourself then sociopaths can love . 1. Sociopaths big love is to gain something which is to him. 2. Sociopaths love them-self , power and winning . 3. Sociopaths however love to that which at them gain something.
Ananya Yadav
Ananya Yadav