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Ok! So ‘Rastravadi Government’ Keeping Out The Taj Mahal and Runs On ‘Dharam Niti’

Up Government’s order that Seventh Wonder of the World will not be in UP Tourism booklet. Recently UP Tourism booklet has been released by Yogi Adityanath where he said that in Tourism booklet Taj Mahal should be replaced by  ‘Guru Gorakhnath Peeth’.

From this it is clear that, Bharatiya Janata Party government of Uttar Pradesh is only playing religious front to showcase themselves nationalist.

In the name of Rashtrawad, they are just supporting ‘Dharm Niti’.

They are even against Seventh Wonder of the World (monument Taj Mahal) just to prove themselves rashtrawadi.
As per UP Government, Taj Mahal does not talks about nationalism and thus Guru Gorakhnath Peeth is replacing Taj Mahal because it represent faith of people.
UP Government is only giving silly excuses for replacing Taj Mahal.

The Telegraph report added the possible motives behind these comments. Patna University history professor Daisy Narayan was quoted as saying,

“Some people, especially of a particular political stripe, consider this (medieval) period as the ‘Islamic era’ of Indian history. These people, in doing so, are trying to rewrite history and distort facts. It is very shocking that the Taj Mahal, which is our national heritage monument, is being claimed as not as part of our culture.”

“The current state government is not supporting Agra as a tourist destination because of its Mughal monuments,” said Rajiv Saxena, secretary of the Tourism Guild of Agra, a trade association.

“Money for tourism development has not been announced. Their focus is on religious tourism”.

UP Government is playing dirty politic against Taj Mahal.  From Taj Mahal, Government were getting 78.23 crore as income through sales of ticket only and in annual budget they had not allotted even a single rupees in favour of great symbol of love monument Taj Mahal only because it has been made my Muslim.

UP Government talk about equality of religion but they themselves playing game of politics in favour of religion. Government does not and must not follow any religion or cast and they should be equal for all religions and cast, but UP Government has taken always favour of Hinduism.

Current BJP lead UP Governments has only focused on Gorakh Peeth where Adityanath himself is the chief priest of the said large temple and criticising Taj Mahal which does not just belongs to Muslim.

It is now 7th wonder of the world, a pride to our nation and the only tourism place in UP which attracts maximum visitors from across the globe.

While in election, BJP and Adityanath had got vote from both Hindu and Muslim but after winning he become totally Dharmwadi and follow Hinduism.

Government is using their rights to replace Taj Mahal by Gorakh Peeth in UP tourism but can this so called rashtrawadi goverment ignore or not going to entertains earnings from Taj Mahal??

The worst stunt ever played by BJP lead UP governent and the biggest question to be asked by people to the said rashtrawadi goverment is that Is this government understand rashtrawad as religious politics??

Shame on this kind of nationalism and shame on those who are still willing to support such creeps.
Rupanjali Upadhyay

Rupanjali Upadhyay

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