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Taaza Tadka

#ModiMustSpeak Twitter Trend Is Trolling PM Modi’s Silence On #GorakhpurTragedy

Politics Tadka Taaza Tadka 12 August 2017

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanathji had visited the BRD Medical College on 9 August and had held consultations with various officials,” Siddharth Nath Singh, UP health minister, said.

But nobody raised his hand on the insufficiency of the Oxygen in the hospital. Now 60 kids die in five days.

A heart broken tragedy happens in the Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur city, the constitution area of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. But the worst thing is the silence of Indian Prime Minister on this tragedy.

On his silence, people starts trolling him because Narendra Modi usually talk about every big or small issues on twitter. His twitter handle is one of the most active and responsive twitter handle among all the Indian politicians, as we know. But his silence doesn’t make any sense.

Due to his silence on the Gorakhpur Tragedy, new twitter trend is trending ; #ModiMustSpeak

As we all know, during UP Assembly Election Prime Minister has discussed about Shamshan and Kabristan in many rallies. So people are saying that, his wish comes true that’s why he is not saying anything.

We often see PM Modi’s tweet on any other’s country tragedy, but he is silent on Gorakhpur Tragedy. According to report, almost 60 innocent children are died in a hospital just because of careless management. Twitter users are saying, PM definitely speaks if it happens in another country like France and America.

During Asam’s Flood, some people trolled PM Modi’s meeting with Priyanka Chopra. PM Modi was too late to reach there. But this time, in Uttar Pradesh, why he is delaying ?

Prime Minister also trolled with Nawaz Sharif

Team MaSuka demands Modi’s Speak on #UPTragedy

With Narendra Modi, some of the BJP leaders are also trolling on twitter