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Ego of Kumar Vishwas and Kejriwal will Ruin the AAP in Rajasthan Assembly Election

Wherever is the ego, then comes the trouble. We have seen many statements and the ego clash among the politicians, actually this heats up the issue too. But the ego clash between two belonging to the same party is not a healthy one. Since the seriousness of the argument will have an immense effect on the growth of the party and sometimes it may lead to the split up. As Rajasthan Assembly Election is coming and Kumar Vishwas was appointed as Rajasthan in-charge.

Every volunteers were working with full on energy in Rajasthan, as they understand the opportunity as an alternative in front of Vasundhara Raje. Kumar Vishwas was also taking charge in a very positive manner;

But A lot of distraction and clashing issues between Kumar Vishwas and Arvind Kejriwal produce a new face for Rajasthan in the place of Kumar Vishwas.

Many historic incidents can be given as an example to this. Many leaders have split from the party and started their own party with their followers. AAP, the party is in serious trouble because of the ego between the Kumar Vishwas and the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal.

Many past events and news can have reported in this issue of ego clash among the two. Kumar Vishwas the poet turned into a politician who frequently gives a statement about Kejriwal for not informing about the happenings to him. It seems to be that Kejriwal is continuously ignoring the phone calls of the Kumar more than a month. In the other hand, Kejriwal feels that Kumar is trying to get a lot of coup against him. Also Vishwas is getting supporters to bring down the AAP many times.

After this kind of clashes between Kejriwal and Kumar, AAP removed Kumar as Rajasthan-in charge.

In April 2017, Vishwa has uploaded a YouTube video in which, he has mentioned about Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and also Arvind Kejriwal. The video was so emotional and it got shared by many among the social media. Later he has also reported that Asap party asked him to apologize for uploading such video and mentioning the Kejriwal’s name. AAP have proved that they didn’t have to ask Vishwas to do so and Kejriwal himself has shared the video.

The disagreement between two has started right from the day of the inaugural of the party. But then it went more viral during the year 2014, where Kejriwal and the Vishwa were contesting the election. Since Vishwa have finished third in the election.

There are many such incidents in the past occurred in the party but now AAP have removed Vishwa Kumar from the AAP Rajasthan and replaced with Deepak . These two, show immense ego on each other. But on a serious note, the most affected in this disagreement is the AAP. When two pillars of the party are getting into such clash then what will be the future of AAP. Since both of them their own followers behind them.

Will this ego clash lead to the split up of AAP?

This is one big question arises in every mind. Since AAP have removed Vishwas, the issue can even the AAP in Rajasthan. Well, this is politics and can’t say anything. Politics never take time and can be change anything in any of the unexpected circumstances.

Abirami ramamoorthy

Abirami ramamoorthy

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