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Politics Tadka Preeti Mishra 19 November 2016
It’s Sad That In Such A Big Democracy, Most Of Us Are Supporting Any Political Parties. Either We Have Some Political Gain Or We Are Their Blind Followers

Well, it’s nothing new for public to suddenly change their views of political parties and start liking a party or a leader. Well, there is nothing wrong in that. We must say or support what we like and we must raise our voice for something which we don’t like and that’s how it should and must be.

Unfortunately, we public treat our political leaders as celebrity slowly becomes their FANS. Fans are basically those people who can’t even hear a word against their celebrity. These are those people who stop judging their celebrity from their work, they stop scrutinising their activities but they just support them blindly.

Since 8th November, There is so much positivity in the country that most of us supported our PM’s decision of demonetization. While there is a tremendous support in public, we could see many of us actually blindly supporting the cause. You know what, slowly these blindly supporting people will become FAN of our PM or BJP and will not allow to hear any negative things for them. Surprisingly many of them are slowly without their own information, transforming themselves into social gundas. Because this is the time when we all are supporting our PM, I wouldn’t be quite saying that those people who actually want to put their words forwards against demonetization or any of its factors are actually fearing that how those social gundas (blind FANS) will react to their words and thus they stop themselves for speaking out. I have seen people saying that if Mr. Modi can’t do, nobody can do. Bullshit. Before Modi also many times this kind of slogans and support had been seen but now he is there. Even I too agree that he is trying to do good things but that does not mean that we lost our right to question him.

Aaj ki halat to aisi hai ki hum kuch parties ke leaders ko sunane se pahle hi gaali dena shuru kar dete hain. We have always observed people abusing others on such a big social platform like Facebook and twitter if the other person tried commenting or saying anything against their favorite leader/political party. They don’t even understand that what they are doing because they have the KEEDA of becoming FAN. Guys, grow up… Ghar me agar kisi ke thoughts aapse alag honge ya koi kisi aur party ya political leaders ke view point ko support kar raha hoga to kya aap aise hi gaaliyan doge… I guess, nahi… kabhi nahi… fir ye public platform par kyo… Now don’t tell me that you all are getting paid for this else your political party or leader will be in soup.

It’s sad that in such a big democracy, most of us are supporting any political parties. Either we have some political gain or we are their blind followers. We (Public) must be acting like public and not like FANS. If our political leaders do something good, we must appraise them and if they do something wrong, we must be able to criticize them loudly.

Guys, we are public and it’s our responsibility to cross check and understand the fact deeply before supporting and if by any chance we are supporting any activity or cause of these political parties or leaders, it must be beyond their party’s recognition.  It must be based on the activity and cause only. Let’s not become FAN anymore. Lets become the PUBLIC. We have all the right to question our leaders.

Preeti Mishra

Preeti Mishra

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