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50 Misconceptions About Food You Must Know If You Are A Real Foodie

Over decades we believe in certain things which we have heard often from the people. But have we ever had a second thought that really its true? or have we done any research on it? We just blindly believe in misconceptions about food and other things. The myths on food and calorie burning are the greatest examples. Many scientists have proved it wrong but still why do follow the same old diet?

This is because of lack of awareness here the 50 misconceptions of food listed for your knowledge;

1.Replace sugar with brown sugar

You would have seen this often in AD’s. refined white sugar has more carbohydrates, when it gets into our body it stored as fat. Yes, it is true. but is not the matter only with sugar. All the sweetening agents has the same quality. So, there is no difference in replacing sugar with a brown sugar or jaggery.

2. Late night meal with

We have many saying that intake of high calories in night would turn us fat. Whereas when it comes to day its fine. Its not. Whatever the time be calories will turn your fat. Either its day or night

3. Staying away from eggs

Staying away from eggs does not bring your cholesterol level down. Since eggs has some good amount fat, which your body needs in a large amount. You can have eggs daily.

4. Coffee myth

Yes, coffee is bad for health. It will increase your blood sugar rate. But two cups of coffee per day does not have any risk. Coffee risk is for coffee addicts.

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5. Fresh products over canned

Going for fresh veggies and fruits is good but it is not that to have fresh all time. Since the fresh veggies would lose its nutrition if it not stored properly.

6. Oestrogen content food boost fertility

It depends upon the status of the women’s body. Not on the food. It better men eat some delicious food to boost his sperm count.

7. Caffeine and smoking reduce the chance of pregnancy

Studies have proven that intake of caffeine have increased the chance of pregnancy. But limit it to two cups of coffee, since too much intake will affect the baby’s growth.

8. Frozen yogurt over ice cream

Prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream, it has low fat content. Do your frozen yogurt also has high sugar content. And both are dairy outcomes, so the risk is same. Only thing we must take care while taking frozen yogurt is we must balance it with protein.

9. Sea salt is healthier than the refined salt

No, not actually. Both the sea and the table salt have equal amount of sodium content. So, one is not better than the other.

10. Starving to lose weight

If you think staying empty stomach would reduce your weight, then hospital beds will be welcoming you. No intake of food puts more weight and later your stomach will suffer from ulcer.

11. Spice food boost up the labour

No such food boosts up the labour. So, stopping the intake of the spicy food will not result in early labour.

12. Not eating ice creams after labour

People fear that the intake of ice creams and other cold food stuffs will make the body weaker. No. the mother can have all kind of food after the labour.

13. Breaking your meals into 6

Having 3 meals or 6 meals per day is of no use. The breakage of depends upon every individual. Listen to your stomach than anyone else.

14. Skin has germ

Many have the habit of removing the skin of the veggies and the fruit, since they think that the germs may feed into the skin. Do you know the skin has lot of fibre and makes you to stay away from constipation?

15. Pregnant must eat twice the before

It is not at all true. eating too much food all sudden would puts on more weight. Which may lead to serious health issues. The intake of food varies from every month. Follow the pregnancy diet chat.

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16. Folic acid and vitamin tablets intake is necessary

When a pregnant woman has healthy balanced diet then it is not necessary to take vitamins and folic acid tablets

17. Dieting at once after giving birth

Going of a diet to reduce the pregnancy weight at once after giving birth is not good. Since the body needs a lot of nutrition after the labour.

18. More weight healthier the baby

Its not about the weight. The baby above 3.8 kg seems to have more heath complication than the normal weight babies.

19. Limiting the intake of the water after giving birth

Fearing from water retention women limits the intake of water. It is wrong. After giving birth, the body need more amount of fluids and liquids.

20. Non-veg diet will boost up lactation

Both the veg and the non-veg diet ahs equal amount of minerals which stimulates the lactation.

21. Loading carbohydrates, a night before

For carbohydrates to store in the body it takes a week. Eating high carbs content food over a night will not help.

22. Eating or drinking before workout develops cramps

Eating and drink has nothing to do with the cramps during the workout. Do some stretches before starting the workout.

23. Water is better than sport drinks

Water is good hydrating agent, but water does not have any electrolyte for sweating up. The sport drinks are far better and tastier too.

24. Exercising in empty stomach

While exercising the body seems to get exhausted more. So, exercising in empty stomach would make you to faint.

25. Fat burner will not help

Fat burners increases the metabolism of our body and helps to reduce to the fat fast.

26. Intake protein drinks boost the sport performance

No research says so. And no protein drink would take care of the muscle tear. So better have a healthy diet.

27. Lacking antioxidants

After heavy workout the body craves for antioxidants. Instead starving better have a quick munch of fruits and veggies often.

28. Isotonic drinks

If you are not working do not take isotonic drinks at all, since it would the sugar and the sodium content would increase the chance of kidney risk.

29. Protein shake would help you to reduce weight

Protein shake would will boost the body to reduce the weight, but the regular intake of protein shake is not safer.

30. Replacement of sports drink with tender coconut

Both the drinks have equal amount of sodium and other nutrition. So, replacement would not help in energy boost up.

31. Eating of prawn and other sea food will spoil the health

When you have undergone any surgery or chemo therapy intaking of sea food you develop some itches on the stitches. Its not, prawn and other sea food will give us protein and vitamins.

32. Usage of aluminium cause Alzheimer disease

The aluminium content in the food products is as safe. So, need not worry about Alzheimer disease. You can use aluminium foils at kitchen.

33. Consuming gelatine and glaucoma repairs joint

No reports or evidence available saying such. The gelatine and glaucoma have some energy producing agents, but its not proven that it can repair the joints.

34. Intake of papaya leads to miscarriage

Papaya considered as dangerous fruit for a pregnant mother. Research have proved that papaya is safe to eat during pregnancy.

35. Vitamin c stops cold

No such properties found in vitamin c which controls cold. It is better to go other alternative medicine

36. Organic food prevents cancer

One single food cannot serve the entire vitamin. So, it is not that only organic food can prevent cancer. Body needs all protein and vitamins for healing.

37. Intake of fat would lead to heart attack

This the biggest myth of all. People always tend to stay away from the fat content food. Our body natural needs some fat for the metabolism. Only thing is we must limit the fat intake.

38. Intake of the freezing water solidifies the fat

The state of the water does not still be the same for a long time. When the chilly water gets into the body it turns to normal temperature of the body.

39. Mixing alcohol with sport drinks gets you drunk faster

You will soon get admit if you drink both at a time. Because the negative impact is very high when we mix both.

40. Ice cold and lemon reduces weight

The energy intake should less than the output. so, ice cold and lemon will not reduce weight it just boosts up the energy

41. Intake of fibre loosens the stools

Fibre intake alone does not make you to stay away from constipation. Greatest amount water intake alone will soften the stools.

42. Acidic fruits can worsen gout

Intake of meat and raw oatmeal is the major reason for gout. So, staying away from citrus fruit alone will not help.

43. Drinking alcohol on full stomach will make you feel less sober

Its true that, when something is in your stomach the amount of alcohol absorption will be less. But it does not mean that you can drink more.

44. Skin collagen will increase the skin quality

The skin quality and the colour are fully based on the melanin. So, no collagen will boost the skin quality.

45. Drinking milk before sleep will enhance the snooze

There is not much result and research that milk would enhance the sleep. Milk is again an energy booster.

46. Presence of caffeine is more protein shake than coffee

The presence of caffeine is in equal amount in coffee and protein shake. So, there is no less risk or more risk. The risk is equal amount in both.

47. Beer develops belly

It is not because of the consumption of beer, belly develops due to more calorie intake.

48. Going on juice diet

For more energy you need to add on juice to your diet. Normal diet will not help without any energy.

49. Avocado is bad for health

Avocado is one more major food ingredient that will boost the metabolism. It is safer to add to your meal.

50. Chocolate is junk

The dark chocolate reduces the fat and has very low calorie. You can even take it regularly.


Over decades we have been afraid to touch many food and without any fear, we are in taking some foods frequently. ultimately the fact should be known. hope after reading the above facts your misconception would have come to an end.


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