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Top 20 Most Famous Desserts In India | You Must Try Desserts In India

Most Famous Desserts In India Is Just Not Part Of Food But Has Always Been Treated Special Dish. Here Are Listed Top Famous Sweets In India

India is a land of vast culture and tradition and every tradition have its own speciality when it comes to food and specially desserts. Some of the most famous desserts in India is just not part of food but has always been treated special dish.

While India is having variety of desserts which may count in hundreds, listing out some of the very famous desserts in India, down here.


One of the much known desserts in middle and northern India. All purpose flour (maida) batter along with water need to get fermented for a day to get the real taste of jalebi. A dessert which is one of its kind. It is also known because of its round and round structure.


Made up of milk cooked on very low flame for very long time until it becomes thick. One need to make sure to stir it continuously until it is done to get that perfect texture of Rabadi.


Again a bi-product of milk commonly known as chena. These chena balls get boiled in water and then get poured into plain less sweet water and sugar syrup and thus, it is called as Ras Gulla.

Gulab Jaamun:

Gulab Jaamun is milk solid (khoya) based Indian dessert. Khoya balls get deep fried and then get poured in sugar syrup of a consistency where balls can soak the syrup properly without becoming too soft. This is also referred as Indian doughnuts.


Peda is another very famous dessert from India which is essentially part of every celebration or joyous occasions in India. This is usually prepared in semi soft pieces and mostly made up of khoya n sugar. These days, we witness variety of pedas available in the market with changed ingredients too.


Barfi were usually a dense milked based dessert from sub continents of India. Apart from milk as base, we are seeling few other famous varieties of Brfis in the market i.e. kaju barfi, pista barfi, besan barfi, etc.


Originated in Indian sub continent, Laddu or Laddoo is a very famous Indian sweet/dessert and are sphere in shape. Its shape only which defines that it is laddu. Primarily it was made up of gram flour but these days’ u get varieties of laddus in the market. U name it and u get laddu of those ingredients.


Also known as rice pudding is a very special dish of Indian origin where beaten rice gets cooked in milk until the milk becomes thicker like soup. Once the rice is cooked properly, we add cardamom, saffron, sugar and lots of dry fruits and cook it for a while before serving the same.

Again like other desserts, kheer is also available with different ingredient where rice get replaced with something else like wheat, vermicelli, kaddu, etc.


This mouthwatering dessert from Bengal is specially made up of milk base n sugar holding different flavors. Sandesh is a simple mix of crumbled paneer (cottage cheese) and sugar along with the flavor one wish to add.


Halwa is basically a dense sweet confection of variety of base ingredients, served across country. Starting from halwa of grains, to vegetables to fruits, you can get halwa of even chicken or garlic in India.

Ras Malai:

Another extremely famous and milk base product made up of chena. These chena balls get fried and then get poured into sweet milk base flavored with nuts and saffron. It becomes very soft and light when it gets poured into sweet milk and gives and awesome taste.


King Jahangir was a great foodie and when he asked his chefs to bring something different in sweet, one of the Persian chef suggested to make jalebi, however; changed the base from maida to urad daal and thus we got this awesome sweet made up of urad daal. This sweet is still known as Jahangiri in down south cities of India.


If you are a foodie and looking for a dessert which just melt in your mouth yet gives u an unforgettable taste of mild sweetness. This sweet gets prepared with the base of khoya. Deep fried in round shape and then get poured into sugar syrup for sometime before you take it out of the syrup and spread some sugar powder along with nuts for little crunch.


A sweet Paratha (wheat flour) from Maharstra where the filling is a mix of boiled ad then cooked chana daal along with lots of deshi ghee and jaggery. For flavor, one can put some nuts too. Remember, this traditional sweet paratha get cooked only in deshi ghee as the combination of Chana daal, jiggery and deshi ghee.

Doulat Ki Chaat/Mallaiyo:

Another classic dessert of winter made up from the uncooked fresh milk kept for whole night in the open to absorb dewdrops, sugar and fresh cream. You need to add good quantity of milk and cream and whisk it regularly.

While this procedure, you get some light fluffy foam on the top and that’s nothing but dualat ki chaat. This gets served along with the leftover sweet milk. This is a sweet from Banaras and there they call it Mallaiyo but in other part of country, especially Delhi; it is known as Daulat ki Chaat.


A roll type and a very traditional dessert from Andhra and Telengana region, which are made up of very light and thin layers of rice sheets. Between every thin layer, they put sugar or jiggery base along with lots of deshi ghee for the real traditional flavor.


First got prepared in the Mysore palace, use of very less number of ingredients yet a very classic dessert from Mysore and now known across country. Besan (Black gram flour), sugar and ghee are what the base of this dessert is. Cook it to its best and then settle it and cut it into rectangular pieces to serve.

Kubaani Ka Meetha:

A very classic dessert from Hyderabad and a dessert of Nawabs. A dessert made up of dried Apricots (Kubaani) which get cooked in less sweet sugar syrup. With time, the syrup gets thick dues to apricots and brings an awesome flavor of apricots along with lots of whole apricots. This gets served along with lots of Dry Fruits as it is a classic treat from Nizaams.


A very traditional sweet from Rajasthan which is associated with the festival of Teej. This disk shaped sweet is made up of all purpose flour (Maida) batter get fried differently to get honey comb texture and then soaked in Sugar Syrup.

One can make this ghever in different variety. The most famous one is malai ghever where you put lots of malai and dry fruits on the top of this disk shaped dessert.


Another classic dessert from another part of the country. This dessert is from Orissa, primarily from eastern Orissa. This dessert is literally means roasted Cheese which is nothing but Fresh Cheese (Chena) getting cooked along with sugar and some dry fruits on slow flame until the sugar gets caramelized and start coming out of the mix. The only dessert in India, which speaks of its very pre-dominant flavor of caramelized sugar.