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A Food Lover Must Know 29 Traditional Street Foods of 29 Indian States

A Food Lover Must Know 29 Traditional Street Foods of 29 Indian States

Street Food Are Sign Of Any State Or Country. If You Are Street Food Lover And Planning To Travel To Different Different State Of Country India

States And Their Famous Street Foods

Street food are sign of any state or country. If you are street food lover and planning to travel to different different state of country India Then here is collection of street food of different state.

1-Andhra Pradesh


Punugulu is a famous street food from Andhra Pradesh made with idli or dosa batter.


Aloo Pitika

Aloo Pitika is the “celebrating food” of Assam. Combining mashed potato with ginger


Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is a traditional roadside dish eaten mainly in Bihar and Jharkhad. Litti is similar to Bati in appearance but there is a little difference. The Pitthi(stuffing) to be filled in it is made with Sattu and Litti is eaten with brinjal bharta or mashed potato.



Faraa(rice dish) is an interesting yet simple street food of Chhattisgarh. It is like a steamed dumpling. This dish is combination of rice floor and various mixtures  of pulses.


Goan Chorizo/Pork Sausage Chilly 

Portuguese chouriço is made (at least) with pork, fat, wine, paprika, garlic, and salt. It is then stuffed into natural or artificial casings and slowly dried over smoke.


Chhole Bhature

Chole Bature is the “Haryana Classic” roadside dish. They are served with onions, carrot pickle, green chutney and achaar. There are different varieties of bhature available such as aloo bhatura (bhatura filled with boiled potato), paneer bhatura.

7-Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh, is famous local dish is Sidu. It is a kind of bread made of wheat flour moulded along with yeast and the dough, followed to rise for 4 to 5 hours. Later it is stuffed with fat, roasted over slow fire and finally steamed for few minutes. Sidu is served with ghee, mutton or dal


Kalari Kulcha

The ‘King of The J&K Street Food’ is the famous ‘Kalari Kulcha’. The stuffing is made from Kalari Cheese (known as Maish Krej in Kashmir), available only in J&K.


Jhal Muri

Jhal Muri is to Jharkhand like bhel is to Mumbai. This simple yet delicious snack can be put together in minutes.The flavors of this delectable snack is from the special Muri Masala and Mustard Oil that is so closely associated with the vendors.


Akki Roti

The specialty of the state is Akki Roti, a spicy bread made from rice flour and server with coconut chutney. The delicious street food is one of the most popular and common tiffin snack quick to make


Parippu Vada

Parippu vada or Dal vada, defining in 3 simple words – spicy, crunchy and yummy. It is prepared from Toor dal. Parippu vada with a cup of black tea has been the perfect combination in Kerala through ages.

12-Arunachal Pradesh


Thukpa, a noodle soup prepared with vegetables and/or meats is a very common soup here. This is soup is a healthy as well as a filling one. There are various versions to make thukpa.


Kelli Chana

It is said that a old lady named Kelli used to sell this addictive snack under a tree and people from all over Manipur started flocking around the tree to buy her chana. Great for afternoon snacks with “kadak chai”.



Jadoh is a rice, pork based Khasi delicacy. It is a representative Meghalaya dish, known for its aromatic taste and minimum use of oil.



This is an ethnic Mizo delicacy prepared by boiling meat and rice together. It is a kind of stew made from pork, lamb or chicken.



Kinalas is Naga City’s homegrown version of mami or noodles. The broth is made from strips of meat from cow or pork head that is boiled until tender. The soup is topped off with a serving of gravy, scallions some kalamansi on the side.



Ghugni is an evening snack in Eastern India. Black gram or dried yellow peas or dried white peas is cooked with gravy, in the traditional eastern Indian style. It is then served with kurmura (puffed rice), and at times with hot onion pakoda/ bhajiya.


Punjabi Chole

This is a delicious chana curry from Punjabi cuisine is popular all over India. A spicy and tempting curry is prepared from white chickpeas (kabuli chana), tomatoes, onion and basic Indian spices and best enjoyed with bhatura (deep fried stuffed Indian bread) as evening snack or dinner.


Mirchi Bada

Mirchi Vada or Jodhpuri Mirchi Bada which is a very popular namkeen street snack in the state of Rajasthan. The traditional Mirchi bada is made of the large variety of green peppers stuffed with a spicy potato mix, coated with gram flour and deep fried until slightly golden in colour.



When it comes to simple, delicious, one-meal dishes of the 7 sisters, you can’t beat the famous MOMOS. The momo is the Himalayan dumpling, hailing from Tibet and consumed enthusiastically from Nepal to Bhutan to India. The Momos are consumed piping hot with soup and home-made chilly sauce. They have already entered commercial production and is well placed in menus of all local hotels/ restaurant.

21-Tamil Nadu

Kothu Parotta

Kothu Parotta is a delicacy popular in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Based on a Sri Lankan version where it originated as Kothu Roti, Kothu Parotta is prepared with mixed vegetables that include carrot, beans and green peas, egg kothu parotta calls for scrambling eggs while chicken kothu parotta has chicken pieces with salna gravy going into it.


Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is main street food of South India. It’s the form of pancake using the batter of rice and urad daal. In telangana , it serve with aloo masala sabji and nariyal-mungfali chatni.


Pork Bharta

The tribals of Tripura are fond of pork and they consume it in two different ways. One is a plain pork curry with very little spice while the other is ‘Bharta’ which prepared with boiled pork mixed with pieces of peeled onion, ginger, roasted chilly, a flavoured plant leaf and salt. This non-veg delight is on the favourite list of many.

24-Uttar Pradesh

Aloo Tikki

One of the most popular street foods, aloo tikki is an evergreen dish, loved by several generations of Indians. Hot and crisp aloo tikkis are to be relished right off the tava, to warm your body and soul even on a cold, rainy day.


Aloo-Moong Daal Pakora

Aloo-Moong Daal Pakora is served as a snack and is one of the favourite snacks of the locality of the Kumaon. It is served with chutney or tomato ketchup. It is an innovative food of Kumaon. Moong Dal pakodas are really easy to prepare and healthy too, as green gram is a rich source of nutrients.

26-West Bengal

Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls are one of the most popular of all street foods in Kolkata. A fried egg wrapped inside a parantha served with chutney or sour dipping sauce in many roadside stalls.



This is traditionally sold on the streets of Gujarati towns. It is another version of vada pav made with a sweet and spicy potato mixture which is filled into a small burger bun and then topped with onion, pomegranate, fresh garlic chutney and sev.


Vada Pav

Vada Pav has iconic status in India. It used to be the “poor man’s food”, but these days even the rich and famous can be spotted eating it at Bombay’s numerous roadside food stalls! The vada is made of a spicy potato filling deep fried in a gram flour batter. Along with hot and spicy garlic chutney, it become.

29-Madhya Pradesh


The heart of the “heart of India” lies in this delight. Poha-Jalebi is the most exquisite street food and the specialty of Madhya Pradesh served with sev & nukti and with jalebi.

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