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My Dear Future Husband…..

My Dear Future Husband.....

Garland Of My Arms Are Waiting For You. I Held On To My Dream And Wished Upon Every Star And Dandelion Weed That God Would Give Me A Husband To Marry

My Dear Future  Husband,

I was so excited to grow up and meet my future husband and marry him.

I held on to my dream and wished upon every star and dandelion weed that God would give me a husband to marry.

My Dream Man:

Every woman has their own picture of a perfect husband. My husband must have fully trust on me. He need to show his  responsibilities as a father to our children and take good care of me.

Since no one is perfect, these ideas and qualities will at least give you a baseline of what to look for.

He should  respects the institution of marriage and should be ready to commit himself to maintain a happy married life throughout – no matter what!. In the orient, the concept until now has been

‘one life – one marriage’

He should be lovable  towards  me, family and my dream, and i will always respect my hubby  and family.

I think every girl should have  a dream of such a life partner who always care him at every stage of life. If he is enjoying  in happy moment then in sad times also  he should be equally responsible  to be with him.

My husband should be always  carrying  towards my dreams and always  be with me in achieveing my goal and dream toward carrier.

I want hubby who always  care about me and who fully enjoy with me .

First Confession to my future husband:

Dear husband,

What ever you like, I will do. I will do all the things but it doesn’t show my weakness so never underestimate me.

I will never go against you and your  family but never think that i am afraid of you or with your family.

I will always respect you and your family but it doesn’t  reflect my simplicity.

I will always  stand behind and in front of you against your problem because I love you so much. I think your problem  is my problem  that’s why I will be there.

I can do anything for you ,if you will always be with me. I’ll do all the things what ever you want and I don’t want back any thing in return from your side.

If You will do any wrong or bad to me I will always be with you in any aspect.

Like every girls I have  also some expectations from my  husband:

Definitely you will love me I know like a wife,  but before seeing  and feeling as a wife first see me as a daughter of my father.

I know you are very strong and courageous and will be able to afford  my expenses, but if you will support  my strength  then we can do more better together toward life and family.

Some time it may  happen that i may  not be able to express  my feelings  and love towards you, but you never think that I don’t love you because I love you so much.

You can spend time by working night and day, it’s good but please don’t forget that some one special ,who loves you so much is waiting  for  you.

You can go with any body or with everyone  but keep my trust.

You can hang with your friends late night but please stay away from drugs and alcohol.

I want  to love you. Encourage you at every stage  of life. I will stand behind you in every problem. I want to make you fall in love with me every  day. It won’t matter  always what I do for you but it will always matter what you will do for me.  It’s only my true love .

At old stage of my life this charm and beauty will not be there so don’t  forget me. I know it feels better when the love last long till the end. Don’t hate me seeing the wrinkles on my face.

Love is the thing that binds us all together. It’s the thing that gets us up in the morning, the thing that we look for all our lives, and the thing that we can’t live without. I hope you will understand  my feeling  emotion and love. And always be with  me whenever I will need you.

Love you my future husband. I am longing for you. Garland of my arms are waiting for you.

I know you will come one day with heavy load of love to shower upon me. Darkness will vanish with the light and glow of fireflies, when you will hold my hand. Conversing with me in the language of love.

Rupanjali Upadhyay

Rupanjali Upadhyay

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