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10 Ways, You Can Understand He Loves You When He Doesn’t Actually Admit

10 Ways, You Can Understand He Loves You When He Doesn’t Actually Admit

To Love Someone And Don’t Express The Feelings Is Obviously A Major Problem Of Youngster These Days But The Worst Thing Is, When You Know Someone Loves You

Am I right?

No no it’s not over confidence but this thing happens with all of us usually. Sometime we expect he will admit it but he don’t do may be because of the some following reasons;

  • He want a future and he afraid to loss you that’s why he don’t admit. So afraid to commit.

  • He is a very shy person.

  • He is worried, what you’ll think about him when he’ll propose you or express his feelings to you. Fear of rejection is the most important concern in this scenario.

  • He is a responsible one and he want some time for his career. It doesn’t imply that he doesn’t love you but he actually wants a matured relationship with no hurry burry. So first he wants to work on his career and other responsibilities and then he wanted to spend time with you.

  • He is a coward and can’t talk with his parents about you so he doesn’t start to fall in this pain.

  • He is worried, if he is eligible for you or not?

  • He respects you and that’s why he doesn’t want to do super-fast extra ordinary things. He may be waiting for right time or right scenario.

  • He already experienced love pain and that’s why he listens to his mind instead of his heart and don’t admit.

But, there are the following ways, you can understand that he actually loves you, care you and always give you priority.

Read these 10 points thoroughly and decide yourself  that are you very special one for him or not ?

1. He texts you pictures instead of texts to show his feelings:

Just think over it – If he talks with you and want to show you that, he wanted to go outside on a long drive with you in his own car, what he has to be written? Obviously he can complete his feelings in one sentence but he take some time go through google or other resources (sometime his own pic gallery) and select exact relevant pic and send it to you.

If you are in a long distance then it might be a picture of Starbucks’ cold coffee or ice cream – please care, this time it won’t be one cup only.

Simple but very sweet message this picture can give you.

2. He doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear:

He doesn’t always tell you “Yes” or “You are right”, if he really loves you. Because, every single steps by you may affect your life badly or sadly.

And a real partner always cares what is right for you but not what you know is right for you.

Sometime, he also give you bad comments or low- level complements because he actually want to correct your steps in a right way.

True love actually doesn’t mean “Yes You are Right baby” but true love make you improve in your field.

So from the next time, if he’ll say you “Dear please don’t do this, because this is not beneficial to you” , you should think that, he really want to improve my stuffs and heads.

 3. He answers your text messages within a minute:

You texted him “Hi” and within 5 second you got an answer with address, location and some time pictures. Sometime he also mentioned how much time it’ll take to come back home or anything else.

He is very busy in his office with teammates and even on this he is responding you without any important reason for concern. It shows he really value your things, whatever it may be.

In fact he constantly checks your message.

And the best part is, when you go through online and within a minute, you got a new message from him.

4. He supports your dream and vision:

You might have a very caring boy friend, who always sound “Sona, Baby” like things. He might expense lots of money on you.

Yes, this is a super natural universal truth.

If someone really loves you definitely support your dream and in fact always try to help you to reach that place. He always motivates you as a best friend. He always kills your wrong decisions.

In fact he gives his time to research on your dream or helping facts. He always gives you low- key complements. He likes you because of your goal not because of your beauty and that’s the true definition of the love.

So, if someone really does these stuffs instead of calling you ‘sona baby and janu’ please cheers!! Because you lucky.

5. He acts silly to make you laugh:

Everyone faces good or bad days. You might also have some bad days in your life. When he listen this, he try to make you laugh. That simple mean, he actually want smile on your face.

Even, for this he doesn’t care how he is reacting or what stuff he is doing. His only aim is to create a lovely sweet smile on your face.

Definitely, it can be for you by your very close one.

So from the next time, when you’ll be upset and he’ll try to make you laugh don’t think that he doesn’t understand your feelings. Be relax and happy too, because he really loves you.

6. He shares his favourite songs:

Sometime he shares his favourite song to you. It simple means that, exactly feeling he actually has for you.

So from the next time, take it on a very serious note. He might be afraid to share his feelings in his own words that are why he sends you his own feelings in a form of “his favorite song”.

7. He doesn’t remove your text messages from his mobile:

This is quite difficult to know that, does he remove your text messages or not.

But people, who like you usually stores the things related with you. He doesn’t remove your text messages; in fact he read those messages in the free time.

This case might be an exception sometime due to some reasons;

  • Low mobile storage
  • Mobile speed
  • Want to hide you with his family and due to afraid he removes his messages.

So please be calm, if you don’t see your messages in his mobile.

8. He talks you in non-sexual ways:

‘Boys are always a boy’


Very frequently, we can see that, boy start flirting with you doesn’t matter your beauty, career, education, vision, nature, interests, etc.

What matters for them is only one thing that, ‘You are a Girl’.

Am I right or not ?

I think there are no girl in the whole earth, didn’t face this problem any day. Every girl has same experience.

So if a boy talk like friend, helps you in each and every cases, solve your lots of problems, give you advice and solutions, spend his time to short-out your problems but never talk dirty. That means he really respects you.

Dear reader, if you faced same things then you might be a lucky person. He really likes you. Don’t think like; he doesn’t have feelings. C’mon he actually has true feelings for you and might be thinking for a great future with you. So keep calm and wait.

9. He shares every positive-negative things with you:

You are a girl that doesn’t mean only you need pamper or love or care or help.

Got it?

Some time he might be sad or negative. And that time he shares with you. That means he really know you are very close to him. Boys usually, don’t share their negative expects or stuffs. They don’t discuss their problems with anybody. Sometime because of their ‘Ego’ and sometime because of ‘Attitude’ and sometime ‘He doesn’t find person, to whom he can shares his negative sides or problems’.

But psychology says, if a boy shares his problems and positive-negative stuffs with you that mean you are really a closest one for him.

One more obvious thing, he also see his future in you otherwise a boy is smart enough to understand that, he shouldn’t discuss all the things with every person.

So be happy because he really sees a long term prospects with you.

10.Day start with ‘Good Morning’ message to you while day end with ‘Good Night’:

Very simple but very caring thing, you should understand.

In one sentence, I can say just, this is actually showing your priority in his life.

So don’t ignore his good morning and good night.

Yeah.. It might be his habit to send this kind of good morning and good night broadcast to most of the people. But even on this, you should be positive because you are the special one for his broadcast too.

And the best thing is;

If he sends you messages with your name or nick name (called by him) that simple means this message is not a broadcast. And you are the best one in his life.

Please be happy, if you are also facing all the above things means you are really special one for his life.


  • Don’t forget to express your interests about him. If you are interested in him and really want him to admit his feelings then always try to make him understand his importance in your life.

  • You can also say direct or indirect about your heart beat. He’ll definitely understand, because he likes you.

  • Try to create a comfortable zone for him between both of you so that he can share everything with you without fear.

  • And lastly you can also wait he’ll definitely express his feelings with you one day. But this solution doesn’t work frequently.

Always remember,

Saying nothing, says a lot, sometimes

So try to understand his feelings rather than his words and enjoy your life just because you are having that best one.

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