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8 App Which Make Student Study More Advance

Become Hitec Only Due To Technology And App, Applications List Which Make Students Study More Advance. Scanner Pro, Quizlet

Now a day all are become hitec only due to technology and app. So why student should be in back. Student were faces lots of problem while studying or in collage time in making document or in notes or in exam study even managing pocket money also. So here is solution of student problem which they faces while there college time. Here discussed very useful app which make today student mire advance and help them in managing there study and time.


There are thousands of ways to save money in college, but this app is different. This is a great budget-making app that makes your work a lot easier. With this, you can make a budget of the month and then you will not have to worry about spending extra money.


This app is more better than normal calcu app available non-android phone or apple phone.

It’s will provide you call Indian and Scientific function of calculation along with keeping record of previous worked performed. So you can’t miss any things. This app is more beneficial for students and those who want to learn some extra ordinary.


With this app you can remember anything. This lets you take notes and also to create a time table. With this, you can also have a reminder with your voice. This app is totally like a guide which alert you on every time interval. About your work .


These apps combine students, teachers and all learning people together. All the courses are free on this app and no one can do it. It includes more than hundreds of universities, including Stanford and Yale. This app is very beneficial for all those who want to learn something some extra ordinary from course app will help you lots . It not only include course but also some adventure courses.


With this app you will never forget to make your assignment as this app is designed in a way that tells you that the tests are going to come and the assignments are missing. This app gives information about everyone. Another feature of this app is that if you go to college then it becomes silent yourself.


Sure, you thought Skype was just a communication app. But because of that and its features (text chat, voice chat, video, file sharing), it can also be a study app. When it’s late, or cold outside or you’re studying last minute for an exam and need something from a classmate, Skype can be your saving grace.


Quizlet, a general study tool,  created by student users (high school and college). If you can’t find the subjects you’re looking for in such a large collection, you can of course make your own. Quizlet also lets you use images and audio in your flashcard sets, which adds variety to the learning process.

Scanner Pro:

Part of being a student is having to deal with lots of papers.

Scanner Pro will help you easily scan any paper or receipt with your Phone’s camera and save it as a PDF. From there you can save files to cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. The app can also find existing documents and receipts you’ve photographed already and turn them into editable PDFs.

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