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5 Mistakes of Congress Which Will Help Them to Lose Indian LS Election 2019

Some People Pitch That Mistakes Of Congress Can Help Them To Lose Election 2019. Many People Angry And Don’t Want To Accept Rahul Gandhi As Prime Minister

‘Modi Waves’, right? Yes obviously because day by day he is increasing his ruling areas. Do you ever think what the scene behind this Modi waves is actually? Some people pitch that mistakes of congress are responsible for this. Many people angry and don’t want to accept Rahul Gandhi as prime minister of India. Supporters often target each other party’s candidate with lot of abusing words and un-necessarily debate. But the considerable thing is they avoid discussion on logic because of their ego. This is not happened with only one party’s supporters but now a day Indians becomes hypocritical just to support their favorite politician.

A party with 2 seats makes government in the state call strategy. Nobody can deny the facts that BJP is doing great politics but they are eligible to win because they use their political skills. People are waiting for eye-catching Indian loksabha election 2019 but many of the people can bet that congress won’t get the victory coin. One of them is me also if congress don’t careful about these following UPA mistakes and focus on ego then they will definitely loss the chance again.

Mistake 1 – Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister Candidate:

‘Pappu’ is a targeted word for Rahul Gandhi in India. You can even type ‘pappu’ on the google and you’ll get the result about Rahul Gandhi very frequently. I’m not saying that Rahul is ‘Pappu’ but this is a kind of projections by BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) for congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Many time immature speech and political debate harm the image of the Rahul Gandhi.  Actually many politicians pitch their immature speech but BJP IT cell well experienced and understand that what they’ve to convey. They target Rahul Gandhi as ‘pappu’ and boost the social media activities. BJP IT cell highlight Rahul Gandhi as the mistake of congress.

Second important thing, congress is projected as non-democratic party because there is no chance of other family apart from Gandhi family.

What Congress can do?

Congress has many of the significant leaders respected by not only congress supporters but BJP leaders too. One of them is Ex- Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, obviously. Many time we can hear the words like ‘What we can do? We don’t have another alternative’. Congress ex-president Sonia Gandhi is trying to maintain the image of Rahul Gandhi may be. But it may harmful for congress party in the election 2019.

Mistake 2- Religious follow up:

Very famous quotes in Hindi ‘Dekha dekhi paap, dekha dekhi punya‘. If BJP attract common public on the ideology of Hindu Musalman we’ll also do the same thing. Ahhhh no. Actually BJP use proper planning after analysis the set, audience mood. Even BJP know that they will fully ended-up the same day Rama Temple will be constructed in Ayodhya. They are fully replicate RSS so this politics suit only to BJP but not other parties. When other parties like Congress use this politics after copying the footprints of BJP they got trolled as Rahul Gandhi was in Gujarat Assembly Election.

What Congress can do?

Congress can use their own ideology instead of copying someone else doctrine. In fact this strategy creates a negative impact of congress. People don’t forget riot and emergency situation during 1983 (Indira’s murder).  From the very beginning of time congress defend Muslims in many scenarios. So if Rahul Gandhi or any other congress leaders start propaganda during election time create a hypocritical image of congress which harms the party. Because BJP IT cell gets chance to make jokes on this.  Instead of doing dirty Hindu politics in Gujarat election he could focus on the exact evaluation of the Gujarat model. GST (Gabbar Singh Tax) was a great strategy but when Rahul Gandhi started ‘janeu and khadau politics’ give chance to call him ‘pappu’ and bring congress again at foot.

Mistake 3- Proper media management:

BJP know the value of main stream media. In India almost 70% population depend on main stream if we talk about news. Local newspaper and Indian news channel are main focus of BJP digital marketing strategists. While congress and other parties never take it on a serious note.

What congress can do?

Congress can also do some investment in media channels. No no, I’m not saying this is a good thing for Indian democracy but if BJP can do every party can do. As today’s scenario there is no replication of news power. They can show you anything. So strategy is strategy.

Mistake 4 – Depend on twitter’s tweet only:

One of my friend said, ‘twitter is not for gaon and dehati people’. I obviously argued with him because I also belong from village but actually he was right. And congress should also understand that almost 75% population of India doesn’t even have a twitter account. Then what makes sense to depend on your tweet only. There is a huge chance that you can circulate your message or view to your followers only. And obviously who like you who follow you that are simple. Congress party is working in a same way and conveys their message to their own followers only. This strategy never uplifts the congress because they can’t connect with non-congressies in this way.

What congress can do?

Congress party can manage press conference which reflect a huge chance of media highlights. Avoid to be ‘Frog in a water well’. Their followers will definitely support congress party so they must have to target supporters of other’s party.  They should come back their mind from trolling-trolling game.

Ineligible IT cell:

IT cell is a prime key of success if talk about today’s politics. They tend to spotlight problems and issues of government as well as they circulate the good things of the government too. Congress never care about IT cell, don’t know why, may be over-confidence. BJP IT cell are well experienced and they know how things have to be managed.

What congress can do?

Congress party can train their IT cell to manage the situation aggressively. Their IT cell can go through following things;

  • When they have to circulate negative things about other parties?
  • What they should try to circulate during election?
  • Why they should highlight the previous work of UPA government?
  • How they should compare each and every stage of NDA and UPA government?
  • What kind of jokes can be circulated aggressively?

They can even target press release in big publications and circulate the disqualification of the current government.

Sometime ego, sometime self respect continuously creates hassle in the victory of the congress. In Indian election 2019, congress must have to be careful about above things otherwise they will again lose the election.

Preeti Mishra

Preeti Mishra

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