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10 Political Strategies of Amit Shah and Modi Every Politician Must Adopt

Have you ever had a feeling of being in the midst a war between two political parties. Yes, the Lok Sabha election war is most of the times between the Congress and the BJP like national parties. In the election 2019 you should be ready to watch an interesting battle between two groups. If you have a close look, you can understand the clear strategy of these political parties. In recent times we saw many allegation and issues with BJP. But still, BJP claims the majority of victory in every election. Have you ever wondered how? There are some political strategies of Amit Shah and Modi, every politician needs to adopt for sustaining their political life.

It is not that simple to capture the people’s heart and their ideology but BJP always passes the exam because of their political strategies. In the war of election 2019, we’ll see strategies of this ‘Jodi No. 1’ again. But why not other political parties? Why not other politicians? BJP treat even every local level election as a battle, thus every politician should learn from them.

Now, let us see what kinds of political strategies followed by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi, which every politician should adopt;

1. Courage:

In spite of all the issue against the party, the personal life and even Amit Shah has been pinpointed as a murderer by Rajiv Gandhi. Narendra Modi also being mocked by many for the failure in the demonization, they never back off. With all courage they have faced the people and where able hold the victory throughout the country.

2. Addressing the nation:

The main drawback in the Congress government is the improper communication with the prime minister and the people.

But neither Modi nor Amit Shah makes this mistake. Whatever happens in the nation and whatever the trouble the party faces these politicians never fails to address the people on a regular basis. Being the president of the party Amit Shah also never fails to address his followers.

3. Never want to be failed:

It is not a easy task for a party to keep the victory retention throughout the nation. When the entire nation thought it will be hard for BJP to win the election in Tripura, BJP broke all the myths and emerged as the winning party. And these two pillars of BJP has a vital role to play in that.

While in Meghalaya, with 2 seats BJP construct its victory but not Congress with 20 seats.

This is what BJP always try to rehabilitate(with do or die to expect) but other parties don’t care about it, may be ego is the reason. Well, in the Karnataka, Congress learnt a lot from BJP I think.

4. Organising:

The main factor that a party has to follow to gain the support of the people is to organise a campaign and bring their followers together. Amit Shah and Modi never fails to attend the election campaign or organise it. Whereas the Congress has lost the majority of the support because of not conducting campaign and majority of the elections.

5. Never hesitate to take the Credit:

If you do so much for them and you’re not recognized by them will be of no use. In that way, Modi never fails to take up the credit. When so much effort is being made to implement a movement and a law there is nothing wrong in taking up the credit. And that’s why people still welcomes his new movements.

6. Influencer:

If people are ready to become a ‘blind follower’ for any of the leaders mean, that leader are having great influencing quality. We often here word ‘Andh Bhakt’ because of these kinds of people never ready to accept anything against Narendra Modi or BJP. This present government seriously considers Influencer politics as their key strategy. When you have a leader with charisma and can able to hold a huge crowd in a particular political region, you can call him an influencer. Amit Shah identifies influencers in any given area and creates a voting base.

7. Create an emotional agenda:

Hindu appeasement is one of the age-old strategies followed in India to create a huge vote bank. This strategy has been followed well by Amit Shah in order to garner votes. This is because the majority of the population in India are Hindus and followers of Lord Rama. Promise on ram temple will work every time and in every election.

They truly understand what are the needs of the current situation and area. Thus opposed beef eating during Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Election while supported beef eating in Kerala Assembly Election. This is called strategy, and actually ‘real politics’.

8. Marketing Strategy:

In India, with 50,000 IT cell members BJP lead as one of the biggest political parties. Planning an election beforehand and creating a leader out of nowhere is what Modi and Amit Shah believe in. If you take UP, they proposed Adityanath as CM candidate and won the election. They always focus on catchy slogans like; ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’ and ‘Desh Me Modi, Pradesh Me Yogi’. Reaching every citizen’s mobile phone and social media is what we can a great marketing strategy. How to project Modi’s rally in UP just 2 days before of Kairana election 2018, they understand well.

9. Media management:

Managing media is all about creating a friendly approach and inclusiveness. When govt proposes a scheme or does something for the nation, media has to highlight with a cover story. This is where the present govt scores with their media management strategy. Most of the media houses in India are for the govt and even run campaigns indirectly.

10. Aggressive speech:

When you have strong oratory skills and can speak for hours, you are the star campaigner for a party. Modi is known for his oratory skills and his aggressive approach in blaming the opposition parties. He starts with bashing Nehru, Indra Gandhi and can end with Rahul Gandhi for all the present chaos. This aggressive ability has been appreciated by party members and the general public as well.

During UP Assembly Election 2017, Akhilesh Yadav tried to convince people by explaining logically and talking about upcoming development. While Prime Minister understand that, UP’s people are in the mood of ‘Lord Rama’ so just focused on ‘Hindu Muslim Politics’ and started talk about ‘Shmshaan and Kabristaan’.

The above qualities are the most important factors which are making both the politicians to be in a good position and capture many hearts.

The other politicians like Arvind Kejriwal, instead of blaming Modi and Amit Shah they look close and adopt these qualities to be a successful politician.

Abirami ramamoorthy

Abirami ramamoorthy

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