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Which Countertop Color Looks Best With White Shaker Cabinets

Lifestyle Jessica 30 October 2018

So, first, we are going to start from here why white colored cabinets have been one of the most well-liked cabinet choices among homeowners for years, and the reason is white means safety, purity, and cleanliness as compared to black, white shades mostly have positive implication and also ultimate all-around color.

White colored cabinets can grant themselves to an extensive variety of design styles, and when it comes to countertops, the pairing options are unlimited. But, while boundless style chancers are exciting, they can also be massive. So, here we are discussing designer’s advice for why you chose white color shaker cabinets for your kitchen and also give you a few expert tips as to which countertop colors looks best with white cabinets.


First decide the theme then move on colors

If you are looking for something different stylish that focuses on the simple design by comparing pops of color, or do you want a more traditional look that includes in timeless colors and woodwork detailing? Find the best right tone and disparity for your countertop. Mainly, white cabinets exist in a variety of shades.

The best way to matches your countertop with white cabinets is to break down your options into few major categories by tone either cool or warm, and by contrast light or low. It’s just depending on the tone of white in your cabinetry, and also how much disparity you want your countertop and cabinets to set, the most appreciative countertop colors should complement the tone of white in your cabinetry.

Once you have decided on the kitchen’s entire theme, then move on to discussing your color palette and more particularly, countertop colors.

Best Countertop colors for white shaker cabinets


The white-on-white look is very satisfying in kitchens as it so plans to look and convenient to live with.  You can add more colors to the kitchen from your accessories or paint on the walls which can be changed more conveniently rather than a tile backsplash or a countertop. White counters range from pure or clean white created materials to white with grey veins or speckles in real or engineered stone. This is a constantly classic lasting look and there were oodles of motivational photos these are most well-liked.

Black or Charcoal Gray

Black or Charcoal Gray after white counters, black or charcoal grey is the next most well-liked option.  They provide a nice disparity with white cabinets and the dark color countertop can tie in with the appliances or the backsplash.  The black or grey and white are real so other colors can conveniently be included in it. As pronunciation colors. If we go with a charcoal grey laminate in our kitchens it would be great.

Wood like color

Wood like color countertops are a plan real neutral and warm up the kitchen in look wise. We all mostly have heard good things about wood counters till now they are well secured or usually oiled, but they are still more elegant rather than many countertop choices. Frequently kitchens include more than one type of countertop and wood can be a good choice for a component of the countertop.

Lighter Shade and Real looking Countertops

Lighter colored countertops can have either clean or cool shades. Yellows and creams shade make up warmer shades that provide a light entire color, warm real tones match with the white shaker cabinets, while gentle whirl of white tie it all together. Other real color options go with the beige color series, as like Cambria’s Windermere is a mixture of a branch of soft colors, which gives you look so graceful or elegant paired with White Shaker Cabinets.

Using a brown-toned glaze on white cabinet doors is a most elegant and beautiful way to complement a beige colored countertop. On the cooler side of the light-colored shades, we find whites and or greys. Rain Cloud is a main well-liked color that includes cool grey tones, and it would be the best option with white cabinets.

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Yellow and creamy colors make up the warmer shades that create a lighter effect like and feature a compelling palette of creamy taupe and browns, wisps of berry, and a subtle silver shimmer that goes together beautifully. Further advances in technology have raised laminate countertops, and they are a worthy contender in your exploration.

Darker Shade Countertop

If you are choosing a complement countertop color to match with your white cabinets, multiple of the darker and bolder shade options will work and that goes good with stylish updated present-days kitchen but can add itself to any style. Cambria Quartz Hampshire makes a strong complement against the shaker White Cabinets, but the creamy whirls through tie right back into that cabinet color. While not as durable as quartz, granite does provide a diverse collection of darker countertop shades, as well as some lighter ones.

Blue Pearl granite countertops with white shaker cabinets, gives you noticeable, contemporary look in your kitchen. Everywhere from Cambria’s Lane Shaw, that has whirls of warm browns and greys, to Corian’s Gray lite, which is a grey-toned design that brings a nice match with your white shaker cabinets. Warmer neutrals real can be a match with white, till now the neutral real takes on a dark base color in the cooler spectrum of darker countertops, blacks and greys regnant supreme.

Cosmos Prima hearkens to a primeval view of outer space. And, Formica’s Basalt Slate has the look of slate, so both are great examples of attractive toned darker countertop colors that go with white shaker cabinets.


White shaker cabinets are in trend now days, because they signal calmness and purity. So, there is no need worry about the color countertop, that which looks the most attractive with white shaker cabinets. Marely, you just have to decide the theme first then if you want your kitchen plan, and want to give it a natural and simple look so you should have to go with the lighter shades countertop.