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Everything You Must Know Before Opting for Sterling Silver Jewellery

Before you opt for sterling silver jewellery, there are a few things you must know. Here, we will tell you all about sterling silver.
Fashion sarah wrightt 28 August 2022
Everything You Must Know Before Opting for Sterling Silver


You have gone out with your girl gang to the nearest jewellery store to add something rich and versatile to your collection. You are amazed at the store’s jewellery collection but are confused about what to buy. Maybe, a platinum ring has caught your eyes, but you do not have enough money to buy platinum. Bronze does not interest you. Oxidised pieces of jewellery run the risk of tarnishing. What to do now? Sterling silver can come to your rescue. Made of 92.5 per cent pure silver and 7.5 per cent alloy, this metal is strong, shiny, durable, economical and provides a sophisticated look. You can even buy handwoven Kazaz bracelets online if you do not find them at the store. They are made from flexible materials with a touch of silver to give a classic look. Versatility is the best feature of sterling silver. 

Do you want to pair your jeans up with a bracelet? Go for it. Cannot find another bracelet for your office? The same bracelet can give you a formal look for your office work. Women prefer sterling silver because of its advantages. But before buying a piece of sterling silver jewellery, you should know certain things. This article will guide you and inform you of everything you must know before opting for sterling silver.

Real or Fake?

Many people confuse sterling silver with pure one, while others say it is not a good choice because it is a mix. Yes, it is a mix, but that does not make it a bad fit for crafting jewellery. The alloy makes the jewellery durable and can withstand pressure. As such, pure silver is light and can break at any time. Most parts of it contain pure silver. So, it gives the same vibe as pure silver with additional benefits. However, you should know that your sterling silver evil eye bracelet can tarnish if left in the air for a long time. Nevertheless, you can take it to a professional for a complete cleanup, and your bracelet will look as fresh as it was in the beginning. 

Why should you prefer sterling silver over pure?

As mentioned earlier, sterling silver comes with its own advantages. Sterling silver is the number one choice for designers for making silver jewellery. Why? Firstly, it is durable. The alloy gives additional strength to otherwise weak pure silver metal. Secondly, you can wear sterling silver jewellery on sensitive skin. Nickel is known to cause allergies, whereas sterling silver is safe for any skin. Thirdly, it has value. Well, it may not be as valuable as a diamond, but it is more valuable than costume jewellery. You can pass it on to your future generation as a memory. Being evergreen, sterling silver looks fresh and good on any occasion. 

Market Trend

Sterling silver is a popular metal in the market. For the last few decades, sterling silver jewellery has been at the forefront of the fashion industry. Not only the consumers, but also the designers like to work on sterling silver. Why? Because they can craft many designs. Due to its durability, they can draw any design without fearing it breaking off. It has become a popular choice in every household. Additionally, it is expensive, and you can sell it for a good value. So, jewellery sellers also find it profitable to sell pieces of sterling silver jewellery in the market. 

Cheap or Top Quality?

One group of people considers it too cheap to wear on any occasion, while another group considers sterling silver to be not worthy of its price. It is a subjective matter. However, experts and market trends say that sterling silver is a top qulaity metal and has value in the market. If you compare sterling silver with diamond or platinum, you may not be happy with it. But, if you look at the price, it is worth it. Try handwoven Kazaz bracelets online today, and you will realise their value.


A classic and evergreen piece of metal, sterling silver will never go out of fashion soon. Your favourite evil eye bracelet will look perfect with any attire. So, who would not like to own versatile pieces of jewellery?