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The Beauty and Simplicity of Fashionable Tribal Jewellery

Looking for unique and beautiful tribal jewelry? Look no further than our collection of handmade tribal jewelry from around the world. | Shrinkhla
Fashion Lifestyle sofia emily 21 August 2022
Appeal and Ease of Tribal Jewelry


Nothing compares to the bohemian appeal of distinctive, fashionable tribal jewelry. Use it with any clothing to create and style stunning ethnic appearances.

India is a country with a diverse range of customs, including clothes, cuisine, and visual arts. Every region has a distinctive attire style that embodies that location’s knowledge and abilities. One can easily differentiate Indian cultural clothing by its vibrant colours and a variety of designs and accessories. While an ethnic dress is a beautiful and splendid kind of apparel on its own. It makes an unrivalled fashion statement when accessorised with the right items.

Jewellery plays a significant role in ethnic attire. Since ancient times, exquisite its made of gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious stones reflects the depth of Indian tradition. To fulfil the many needs of today’s fashion-conscious women, other types of jewellery have emerged on the market. One such design that has become popularly accepted as a fashion accessory is tribal jewellery.

Tribal Jewellery: What Is It?

By itself, the word “tribal jewellery” is fairly broad. It includes African jewellery and regional ornaments worn by nomads and rural communities. These accessories are frequently noisy and feature eye-catching animal motifs, unique beads, threads, charms, and pendants. You can accessories your ethnic look with a few pieces of tribal jewellery if you’re going to a casual event like a kitten party, birthday celebration, or just a day out. Well, to be honest, not everyone enjoys wearing these things fashionably. The Bollywood director Farah Khan and actress Kiran Kher are two well-known women who wear bold tribal jewellery very confidently.

Silver Oxidized Jewellery as a Trend

Indian women have had a particular affinity with jewellery for ages, and they frequently find themselves torn between wearing them and following catwalk trends. Tribal jewellery with Banjara influences is popular this year and has a lot of boldness and strong messages.

Every lady wants to buy a piece of it because of its elegant and stylish designs that are fantastic and experimental and that no other item can match.

This season’s must-have wardrobe elements range from gorgeous nose pins to whimsical statement neckpieces to dazzling bangles, all made of oxidised metal! As you move through the streets, flaunt each item with vanity. While the standard gold and silver accessories look great on any day, sunny or cloudy, 

Indian Fusion Trend is being revived by Bollywood superstars Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Aditi Rao, and designer Sabyasachi by showcasing this exquisitely created jewellery. While prominent Bollywood stars were seen wearing these glossy mirror work items with ethnic clothing during the bygone era, they are now reinventing this trend and giving it a big twist by pairing it with any western clothing, such as maxi dresses, fusion wear, pieces of denim, and shirts.

A runway jewellery style making its impact in the world of fashion includes multi-coloured stones, oxidised silver, ghungroo, antique coins, ghungroo jhumkas, enamel, and brilliant and colourful hues. It’s high time it has began a revolution in the fashion world since it is now prominently featured on everything from magazine covers to runway trends.

How Should Tribal Jewellery Be Worn?

After much discussion, the trend of tribal jewellery emerged in 2013 and is still going strong today. There are many tribes in Odisha from whom one might draw inspiration, and styling their jewellery is an excellent place to start. There is something for everyone, whether it be the simple silver studs or the large neck ornaments. Here is a guide on how to style them, which can be tricky.

Less Is Better

It’s a good idea to wear less ethnic jewellery when possible. Raw, asymmetrical, and uneven jewellery is tribal. This sort of jewellery can feel overly overwhelming and cluttered when layered heavily. Pick up 1-3 well-coordinated pieces and stick with them to prevent this. It is the ideal way to make a statement and add flair to the entire appearance. It’s not necessary to go overboard.

Shades Tribal Jewellery Should Be Muted

The majority of tribal jewellery has elaborate craftsmanship or vivid, dramatic hues. If you wear them with apparel that has striking patterns or colours, the ensemble may appear chaotic and unsettling. Reduce the intensity of the outfit’s colours. Wear solid, deeper tones or muted brilliant colours if your tribal jewellery is bright and vivid. Stick to a tiny, simple piece of jewellery if you wish to wear tribal-inspired jewellery with a complicated dress.

Don’t Overdo the Jewellery

The design of tribal jewellery is excitingly contemporary. To give your ensemble an appealing appearance:

  1. Keep the lines of your clothes relatively tidy and straightforward.
  2. Maintain a simple look and add jewellery as accents.
  3. Wear a striking tribal necklace with a simple button-up blouse or a shift dress with long dangling earrings and a bracelet.

Materials Commonly Used

As diverse as the symbols employed in the decorative techniques are the materials used to make tribal jewellery. In some situations using shells as well as beads or particular types of wood or animal bones are some of the most popular materials which make the piece of jewellery beautiful and elegant to carry. The influence of these materials are from the natural resources accessible in each tribe’s surrounding areas. Silver was available to the Black Hill Indian tribes. Thus it is not surprising to find silver in it. Although it is not unusual to find valuable minerals and metals in tribal jewellery, many tribes place a higher value on the materials such as shells, stones, wooden beads, and sculptures from animal bones because of the time, effort, and craftsmanship required to make them.


Jewellery with a tribal influence allows us to convey a substantial, self-assured part of who we are. But if you’re feeling braver and want to go all out, you can sport slicked-back hair, blood-red lips, body-hugging shirts, or minidresses made of metal strong enough to serve as armour. Wearing tribal jewellery such as ghungroo jhumkas, neckpieces, nose pins, etc., gives an extraordinary appearance that is ideal for an urban-chic environment.