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A Quick Guide on Buying Wedding Jewellery

The bride, I feel, takes most of the attention during a wedding. The bridal outfit, jewellery, makeup, take a woman to the next level of beauty and elegance.
Fashion Lifestyle manager.zivar 21 February 2020
A Quick Guide on Buying Wedding Jewellery

The Bride, I Feel, Takes Most Of The Attention During A Wedding. The Bridal Outfit, Jewellery, Makeup, Take A Woman To The Next Level Of Beauty And Elegance.

The wedding season is here!

When I think about weddings, I see decorations, lights, extravaganza, savoury food, the handsome groom and gorgeous looking bride.

The bride, I feel, takes most of the attention during a wedding. The bridal outfit, jewellery, makeup, take a woman to the next level of beauty and elegance.

If you are going to be the bride this year, then you have landed at the right place. I know the feeling of deciding the outfit, jewellery, etc. falling all over the place, and you just wish it to be perfect.

So, I’m going to help you out in choosing jewellery that is perfect for your wedding. At least that part is sorted for you here!

Stick with me, and you’ll be ready to pick the right jewels by the end of the article.

1. First off, breathe!

Try not to get overwhelmed with buying things altogether. Take it slow. At first, pick the pieces that you’re like the most. Then if something similar comes up, it will go with your collection. If you can’t think of anything, choose diamonds or pearl jewellery.

Pro Tip: Obvious, yet overlooked factor – Decide your wedding outfit first. Then proceed to pick the jewellery. You won’t be able to match your accessories with the dress that’s not in existence 😛

It’s your day, so move heaven and earth to get yourself the best jewellery!

2. Stay in your skin

Don’t fall into the trap of trying something which is not comfortable for you. I’m saying this because it’s a fact that you’ll enjoy the most when you are comfortable in your attire. You should look special; there’s no doubt about it. But always remember to keep your identity intact.

If you aren’t a heavy jewellery person, then go for subtle pieces. You should be the final decision-maker.

Pro Tip: Buy timeless jewellery. If you pick something that is trendy now, then you might not want to wear it after your wedding day, since the trend is gone.

3. Your accessories should get the most attention!

Choose jewellery such that they should be the show stopper. But don’t overdo it. It will ruin your overall look.

Pro Tip: Go with one necklace that highlights your entire look and matches with a heavy pair of earrings and a ring.

Pick metals of the jewellery based on the colour of your dress.

I’m sure the above tips will take care of the most part of the decision making process. If you want to still not miss any chance, check out these as well;

  • When you are buying your earrings, you should bring your headpiece with you. After all, both should be in sync with each other to give an appealing look.
  • Set a budget for your jewellery. It will help you to make realistic decisions on what is affordable. And if you’re okay with the budget, why not splurge it?
  • Mix your jewellery. If the reception is followed by the wedding and you’re changing your dress, then change the jewellery as well!
  • Avoid wearing too many metals. It will give a confused as well as a messy look.
  • If you wish to wear heavy jewellery, then choose only one statement piece.
  • Gold jewellery is classic. You can’t turn a blind eye to it, no matter how modern you go. It will go best with ivory-coloured wedding dress.
  • While silver jewellery pieces are timeless, as they can go with everything. If you have a fair complexion, silver is your go-to jewellery. Looking for a subtle look? Silver jewellery is your answer.

Ultimately, your aim is to get exquisite jewels that are authentic, but you don’t need to go bankrupt for them.

So, you see, bridal jewellery is not just adding a finishing touch to the look. Each jewellery piece symbolises different stages of marriage and a bride.

That’s it from my side!

I hope I was helpful enough in fixing one important aspect of wedding prep for you!

I wish you a happy married life and before that HAPPY SHOPPING!



Khushboo Shah is an avid jewellery designer and a fashion consultant at ZIVAR.in. She is also an enthusiastic reader and an animal lover. Sharing the latest fashion trends and uncovering unique style secrets keep her going.