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Top 5 Best Sanitary ware Manufacturer Brands in India

Others Kuldeep 3 March 2018

Everything in your bathroom, from toilets to washbasins, urinals to faucets, and even bathroom accessories, is categorised under two main terms – sanitary wares and faucets. These together add functionality to a bath space and make it worth the use. A major chunk of sanitary ware products available in the market today feature classy designs and patterns, and are available in sturdy materials, which make them worth their value. Here in this post, we’ve highlighted top sanitary ware manufacturing companies of India that offer a comprehensive range of products ideal for all types of bath spaces.

The top 5 brands manufacturing the best sanitary wares in India are as follows;


In 1962, Hindware Homes emerged as one of the best and first manufacturing company of sanitary ware. With 2 manufacturing units, one in Bahadurgarh and the other in Bibi Nagar, the company produces the most efficient sanitary ware items. These include:-

  • Intelligent water closets
  • Wash Basins
  • Cisterns
  • Urinals
  • Bidets
  • Faucets, and
  • Bath Tubs

Being the number one brand in the market, Hindware Homes, over the years of its operation in the country, it has only enhanced the quality of its products and promised to offer only the best.


A recently established company with its headquarters in Morbi, Gujarat, Eros is developing its business almost everywhere around the globe. In only a decade of its service, it has made itself stand among the top sanitary ware manufacturing companies of the nation. Eros provides its customers with colorful, beguiling, and the most elegant variety of sanitary wares. The company does not cease to fail its customers and offers a product line that’s something beyond everyone’s expectation and imagination. Eros adapts the look of its products from the Italian look. Its products are value for money and promise a lasting service.

RAK Ceramics India:

RAK Ceramics India has its roots originating from the state of Andhra Pradesh. It manufactures a variety of products such as toilet pans, urinals, wash basins, faucets, bathroom accessories, and everything else that can add functionality to a bathroom. You simply name it and they make it. It’s range of products cater all income groups and are known for their exceptional longevity factor,


“Perfection by Design”, TOTO’s motto is what they truly go by. Operating from one of the most developed and advanced states of India, Gujarat, TOTO is the manufacturer of the tornado flush toilets, which have made cleaning and functioning of the flushes better and more productive. Producing high quality items is what they have been doing since 2014. While a new name in the Indian market, the company is already marking its presence among the top sanitary ware manufacturing companies of the nation.

Parry Ware Roca India:

Parry ware in collaboration with Roca is India’s another leading manufacturer of bathroom products. The company has a total of 8 plants producing sanitary ware products. Its range of products are making the world go crazy with its creative yet exceptional designs and intricate work. Being the first company to be awarded as the Super brand of India, Parry Ware Roca India produces more than 3.5 million sanitary ware items every year.




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